The Day- America’s Fall At Beginning Of Tribulation- Could It Be 2018?

“Within a number of articles on this blog, I’ve suggested possible start dates for establishing Babylon America’s “70 Years” duration.  We know from several verses, primarily in Jeremiah 25, that America has been allotted but seventy years as sole Superpower, or perhaps more precisely as “Babylon the Great”, before she is destroyed in one hour by fire.  Obviously, the end of WWII, when America essentially became the lone world Superpower, is now 72+ years in the rear view mirror- so that wasn’t it.  With all the relatively recent talk about the “Deep State” and the unveiling of this monster shadow government behind the federal regime “of the people, by the people, for the people” facade, perhaps we need to be looking instead at the timing of formation of the Deep State itself rather than the conclusion of WWII.  Indeed, the Deep State may well be the America-specific entity (albeit with foreign influence and world-wide reach) which Yahweh refers to as end times Babylon and Babylon the Great, and the Deep State’s first building stone or most important division would then represent the catalyst.  Methinks that perhaps we should be looking at the time period shortly after the conclusion of WWII when America began to fundamentally change for the worse.  Specifically then, perchance we should cast our gaze toward the head of the Deep State swamp monster, the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA.  Did America morph into Babylon on 20 June, 1949?  On that day the Central Intelligence Agency Act (The CIA Act of 1949) was signed into law by Master Mason President Harry S. Truman (he of atomic bomb infamy & Israel statehood recognition), and America has never been the same, nor has the world-
If we add 25,200 days (seventy prophetic years) to 20 June, 1949 we arrive at 18 June, 2018
From Monday, June 20, 1949
Added 25,200 days
Result: Monday, June 18, 2018″
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