The Trampled Cross! – Benjamin Faircloth

Sunday December 17, 2017
“Gone are the days of innocence in America! Forsaken are My Values, Statues, and Law. Man has created an image of false worship. His lust has fashioned his desire!
My Cross has been trampled upon by feet swift to run to sin, by a people who desire things rather than peace, and joy that only My Cross can bring!
The sounds of war will enter your streets and there will be NO BRIDGE out (of war) for you have removed My Cross, the only plank safe to walk upon!
Prepare yourselves to see what a nation looks like when the Cross is removed and perverted! Have you forgotten Germany (the days of Hitler’s rise)? Egypt (the bondage of My People)? And the nations who rejected Me?
A new god roams your land, a new deity rules your nation, yet this god was in the garden, his name is MAN!
My True Church, pick up My Cross and carry it into battle! Stay true to its TRUTH, no matter the cost! This is the hour to carry the Burden of the Lord!”
(Scripture reference for this message is Isaiah 63)