Vision of the Destruction of America – Stephen Carlo

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Vision of America! The Lord is showing me right now as I am writting down this Vision of America in the near future what will happen!

This Vision I am getting right now, its in a light fog.
I See New York from all Corners! I see a Mushroom Cloud Atomic explosion! BY Russian Bear bombers!

I see the Map of America, America is in a Fire! From North to South from West to East only Fire! I see Arrows from all corners targeting to America! (Attack of Military Forces)
I see the Liberty State Statue Broken in half! And i See a high wave coming to New York.
I see the Hand of God targeting America! I see the Lord’s Hand also in His Hand a Sand Clock and its running OUT! I see His Arm Crushing into America Hard! I see a clock and this clock shows 1 Hour.
I see enemies running into America from Mexico from East and West from Alaska!
I see people beheaded! I see Russian Forces and Chinese Forces!
I see the Laughing from Satan.
But heed the warning, God Almighty has built in some areas fortresses. I see a mighty fortress in America in some Areas!