LION of Judah


The Road to WW3


Babylon 70 Years of Reign – Benjamin Baruch


Jerusalem – A cup of Trembling and the 70 years of Israel’s Captivity


The 70 years of Israel’s slavery (Jeremiah 25) is repeating within the destiny of end time Israel which has been in slavery spiritually. The rule of Babylon over the nations is also co-terminus. Two messages worth reviewing … these prove 2018 is indeed WW3.

Jeff Nyquist told me on the same day I got this word from Jeremiah 25, that one of his contacts, who is friends with Victor Suvorov, author of Spetsnaz, confirmed Suvorov is certain that the Overture has begun and WW3 will come at some point in 2018.

Look carefully at the ordering or the timing of the prophetic events in v 12.

After 70 years I will punish the King of Babylon and the land of the Chaldeans andmake it a perpetual desolation – that didn’t happen 2500 years ago.

The text begins with ancientBabylon in v 9 to 12 but at the end of 12 with the reference to the Chaldeans a transition has occurred … but who are the Chaldeans and who is this land that is brought to perpetual desolation?

 Chaldea[1] (/kælˈdiːə/) orChaldaea[2] was a Semitic-speaking nation which existed between the late 10th or early 9th and mid-6th centuries BC, after which it and its people were absorbed and assimilated into Babylonia.[3] It was located in the marshy land of the far southeastern corner of Mesopotamia and briefly came to rule Babylon. When the Babylonian Empire was absorbed into the PersianAchaemenid Empire, the name “Chaldean” lost its meaning in reference a particular ethnicity or land, but lingered for a while as a term solely and explicitly used to describe a societal class of astrologers

This is where the Mystery part of Babylon comes in…. this is the thread that connects the 7 kingdoms of Mystery Bablyon (and America with its satanic shadow government) to the actual ancient kingdom of actual Babylon … and that is why this is a reference to the end time Babylon which is destroyed at the beginning of the world wide judgment at the end of 2018. The pre-trib error will end on that day as well.