Today I got a phone call about my scans. My heart is so full of happiness and hope and love. I just want to shout it out how good God is! A nurse from the hospital called me and I could tell he had been crying.

He said I have really good news for you Stormie. In my heart, I knew exactly what he was going to say but I went ahead and said okay what is it? He said we could not find any traces of cancer in your body at all. My cancer had spread to my bones, my brain and my lungs. But he said you’re scans are clear. There’s nothing there. I burst out crying. I didn’t know what to say or think. All I could think was wow God, wow! The nurse said I wasn’t a believer before, but I am now! He said you don’t see this very often.
But you can see it! If you just open your heart to God and give him EVERYTHING. If you just trust him with everything in your life, no matter what it is, then I believe we will see people being healed a lot more often. But you have to be willing to give it all to God. He wants it all, not just something’s. He wants to work in every area of your life. But if you don’t allow him in, if you refuse to give him everything, he can’t work in your life.
I’m still in tears over the amazing miracle. God is so good. I can’t stop thanking him. I can’t stop praising him. I just want to shout! My heart is overflowing. The devil didn’t want me or others to see what God has done and he tried so hard to take me out, but Satan is defeated. He is under our feet. And he has lost! God is not going to allow him to stop me from sharing what has been done in my life. All for His glory.
Thank you Jesus for healing me! Thank you Jesus for setting me free! Thank you Father for turning my trials into testimony! You’re so amazing God. You’re so awesome. I love you Lord help me to stop sinning. Help me to be a witness. Help me to share my testimony with boldness so that you may be glorified, so that others can see your face, your works, and want to come running to you. Let your will be done in my life Lord. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! I love you Lord! Hallelujah. 😭
Here is Stormie’visit to heaven: