Daughter, write these words down.
I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Besides Me, there is no other. I will not give My glory to another. All the earth shall know who I am and every tongue will confess and every knee will bow before Me. I will be exalted forevermore.
All you children in America, you bow to your idols of silver and gold; your mammon you worship as if it were a god. You idolize a man named Trump who is not a Christian nor has he ever repented to Me. You worship this man who idolizes himself and worships his silver, his gold, his mammon. You are spiritually blind children because you trust more in man than Me. You fall for every lie they spew at you. A nation can never be “great” if it is void of Me. It is I who provided, who blessed this nation, who prospered you. You were a land of milk and honey whom other nations looked up to, a land of the free and a melting pot for all.

I BLESSED YOU AMERICA; I BLESSED THE INHABITANTS OF THIS NATION. Have you not noticed how far you have fallen? At one time you believed in a Holy God, you prayed, you loved your neighbor as yourself. You believed in one Greater than you, I, the Lord God Almighty! It is why you lived so deliciously and had in abundance.
Oh, but now you believe in your idols that can neither hear, nor speak, nor deliver you. You believe in your own self. You are a vain people, a prideful people, a haughty people, an arrogant people, and a stench in My nostrils.
You were put on earth to take care of My land-the earth, sky and sea. Instead, you polluted everything I have given you. You have NOT taken care of anything but your sexual perversions, your gluttonous appetites and your insatiable hunger for more filth. You have profaned My Holy Temple (your bodies), killed My babies in record numbers and made the House of God a den of thieves. My church has become nothing more than a marketplace of moneychangers, a place where holiness is NOT preached, a place of FALSE DOCTRINE INDOCTRINATION where sin is welcome. Where is the lamentation? Where is the true repentance-the preaching of sin? Where is the true worship? I am not in your concert halls, in your circus acts, in your prosperity gospel and all the figments of your imagination that you make Me out to be. The Church has become DESPICABLE to Me!
All who call themselves Men of God yet have led My flock astray will stand before Me on that day and be held accountable for every single soul you took to hell. You preach a different gospel and I am about to smite some and remove others from their posts; your days of false ministry, false teachings are about to end. You have one last chance to repent before I remove your candlestick! You false shepherds, you will pay and your mammon will NOT save you! You gave false hope and spread a false security amongst the flock and it is why they are now in such unbelief of My True Word, the Gospel that I preached, My Laws, My Precepts, My Judgments.
Most of My children and even many elect are in a “lukewarm” condition because of this indoctrination. WOLVES, WOLVES, WOLVES – nothing but WOLVES used by asatan to take more souls to everlasting torment.
My children, you have NOT done your part. You have NOT done your homework. You blindly follow these WOLVES who promise good tidings. You believe everything and anything they tell you. You NEVER sought My Face and asked Me if I anointed and appointed them. You DID NOT read the Word for if you did you would know I am against moneychangers, against Once Saved Always Saved, against false grace preaching, against anyone teaching that you no longer have to OBEY My commands, against the prosperity gospel, against all who accept abominations into My Holy Place–the House of God, against those who preach you do not have to pursue holiness, to turn from sin.
My children and all who believe in these teachings and remain lukewarm will also be held accountable. You cannot on that day blame another. You CHOSE to accept these teachings, you read what you wanted in My Word (if you even opened a Bible), and you adjusted it to suit how you wish to live and what you want to believe. You live in “unbelief” of who I really am. I AM is a God of love but you disbelieve I am a God of severity because I am just yet I AM is to be FEARED. I AM is AN ALL CONSUMING FIRE! I hold the keys to death and hell and I am the Judge and Jury. FEAR ME My children and turn back to Me. Repent of your complacency, for your disbelief, for following false doctrines and living by the traditions of men. Repent of your wickedness. Repent and I will gladly forgive you if you turn from these things and are in true repentance. You cannot merely repent and then go right back to following the same things and continue in your sins. You MUST resist, refrain, use self-control.
Let Me refresh you, revive you, put My Spirit in you (for those who have not yet received) and let Me change you. Without Me, you can do nothing. I am the one who purges, purifies and makes all things new in you. I am coming back for a PURE, UNDEFILED, SPOTLESS BRIDE!
Out of My great love for all I, the Great I Am, continues to teach, to show you, to warn you and to remind you that “playing church” is over. My Return is soon. You will see big changes in this nation, there will be upheavals, judgments, and a move by My hand. I will overthrow and overhaul churches. There will be a hunger for the True Word of God—My Word. Children, it will be My Will, My Way. My kingdom is coming and My Will be done. You children are going to see idols fall this year–even the enemy will be shaken. I was the one who built you up America and I am the one who will tear you down!
TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK—do you hear the clock ticking? Time is passing by and I will pass you by if you refuse to listen, to repent and return. Each and every one of you, your days are numbered. What will you do when the “suddenly” suddenly happens and you were not ready?
Use this time wisely for time soon will be NO more! Do NOT quench My Spirit! Do NOT grieve Me any longer!! DO YOU HEAR ME? DO YOU UNDERSTAND? FEAR ME.
I love all but I will do what I must do!
Yahuah Elohim
Yahushua HaMasiach
(Given to Ms. Sophie on 1/20/2018)