LAWLESS ONES – Gary Bertnick

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Child of the “father of lies”
Corrupted from before birth,
Even once thought dead
Yet, chosen to lay a seductive blanket of deceit over a willing world;
Much as a very bright falling star crashed to the ground
Destined for eternal torment prepared,
Like a bed of justice.
A lake of burning sulfur where self and everything corrupt,
Naked darkness clothed only in lies
Falsehood that parades about as a new enlightened truth,
Every last bit of evil human nature, huge swarms of fallen angels,

All such languish forever on their beds of suffering,
So eagerly, so naturally chosen.
The world of nations descends in orchestrated turmoil
Swept up in poverty of body and soul
Desperate for comfort, any comfort, any refuge,
Doors to households and entire countries thrown wide open
Hearts and minds cling, cleave in twisted delight
To what forcefully devours from within,
Consumes the soul
And then destroys the spirit.
The lawless ones strut in arrogance
Proud words flow out in sublime smooth intellect,
Satan pulls many puppet strings,
More persuasive, entangling words pour forth,
In time nations and languages bow in reverent submission
Fear and greed and pride in wickedness
Religions all turn,celebrate a perverse world rebirth,
Human effort always the ready slave.
The few who resist, driven out, flee to another place
Some chased down by a destroyer’s hand
While many times “7000” remain protected in Messiah,
Israel, true Jewish-Christian remnant!
A kingdom of ten authorities as Prophet Daniel wrote long ago,
Ten now folded into one Beast Kingdom, with days numbered;
All the human machinery, digital technology of earthly power and control
Bowed before pulsing demonic darkness pretending as light
The Beast idol even poised in the rebuilt, Jerusalem Temple!
Mighty Lucifer, master of deceit, lord of everything unclean
And his “Lawless One”, possessed vessel, tool of destruction
And the consuming religious controller at his side
All destined for judgment in the eternal “Lake of Fire”.