The World Will Change – Glynda Lomax

As this time of division fully manifests, I will be with you. I will take you each through a process at that time to help you release what is of the world around you, and to help you draw nearer to Me, but you must prepare your heart for what you will see at the first.
Prepare your hearts by realizing what you see in the world will change. It will change completely. Prepare your hearts to realize that much evil exists in your world and the removal of comforts brings out the worst in mankind. You will see this. Some of you will experience it directly, but at no time will I leave you. I will be with you always, even to the end of all you see.
Prepare your hearts for the drastic increase of offense, even more than you see it now. Even now, it permeates all you see. More than ever before, the hearts of men are filled with offense. Now, more than ever, when unity is needed for what comes.
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LAWLESS ONES – Gary Bertnick

Image result for cast out of heaven
Child of the “father of lies”
Corrupted from before birth,
Even once thought dead
Yet, chosen to lay a seductive blanket of deceit over a willing world;
Much as a very bright falling star crashed to the ground
Destined for eternal torment prepared,
Like a bed of justice.
A lake of burning sulfur where self and everything corrupt,
Naked darkness clothed only in lies
Falsehood that parades about as a new enlightened truth,
Every last bit of evil human nature, huge swarms of fallen angels,

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