A Call To Intimacy – Glynda Lomax

Beware, My people, for the intensity of the time you live in is increasing daily. When the events culminate to a certain point, it will increase suddenly, exponentially. When this happens, your choices will be very limited and many of My people will not survive.

   I tell you these things that you may prepare by knowing Me more intimately than ever before. If you know Me intimately, I am able to help you in these times I tell you of. If you do not know Me this way, your faith will not sustain you in them, for they will be dire, indeed.
   Plans have been made by those who are privileged, those who have power, and those with special advantages, to make changes according to their liking.
NOTE: I immediately thought of President Trump, and the many who hate him when He spoke that, but He did not say this has anything to do with him.
   Their plans will be carried out, because the time of the end is upon all flesh and all scriptures must be fulfilled, that My people can come home to be with Me here in heaven.
   The people making these plans are against Me. They are against My people, they are against My Word. They will usher in My enemy.
NOTE: I felt He was speaking of the AntiChrist here, but He did not say that.
   This group is made up of many peoples (nations) and they have long plotted to destroy this country because of its foundation in Me. Though many in this country no longer love My Name or serve Me, this country once stood for Me and My ways like no other.
NOTE: He sounded so sad when He said that, like a father who has lost his child.
   My children, you must get ready for what is coming. Becoming close to Me, walking in intimacy with Me, is not an overnight process. If you do not begin, you will not arrive. You will not have enough time to do this if you do not begin now.
   This year will bring many changes for My people, and many opportunities for those who do evil against them. See that you have no part in oppressing My people. See that you take no part in siding with what is wrong. See that you worship only Me, for the end is at hand, and those who do not will suffer a terrible end.
Podcast with more detail about coming events, and what the Lord showed me about 2018:

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2018 The Year Of The Great Falling Away! – Benjamin Faircloth -12 – 31 – 17

Revelation 15
(2018 will be the prelude)
During the Yom Kippur season, I take time to get away with the Father to hear what He is saying for the coming year. Over the past several years, He has revealed many things that have come to pass, including the theme of the year. He also revealed to me that many prophetic events are not placed in a bookend type of fulfillment but are evolving. Seeds of events start to sprout and over time we see the fruit of it. I pray these words will give you hope in the fact the Father is speaking to His servants, and that He loves so much He warns us so we may prepare for the coming storms!
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Trump Blasts Pakistan For "Giving Safe Haven To Terrorists"; Threatens To Pull Aid

Trump Blasts Pakistan For “Giving Safe Haven To Terrorists”; Threatens To Pull Aid

“The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!”

California has leveled misdemeanor charges against 41-year-old Mark Feigin after he sent five anti-Muslim posts to the Islamic Center of Southern California’s (ICSC) Facebook page in 2016.

Image result for facebook image
California has leveled misdemeanor charges against 41-year-old Mark Feigin after he sent five anti-Muslim posts to the Islamic Center of Southern California’s (ICSC) Facebook page…

Tribulation-Now  Radio Show Tonight 8PM ET  "2018 Round Table and Prophetic Talking Points w Ali Winters and Bette Stevens"

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2018 Round Table and Prophetic Talking Points w Ali Winters and Bette Stevens

Join Johnny Baptist while he discusses the empirical events across the world leading up to World War III, the trickery and deceit of the New World Order, and the bizarre weirdness of the fallen angelic UFO phenomenon as we plunge head first into the forthcoming apocalypse and the Seven Seals of Revelation (chapter 6). Join us tonight as we have two well known prophetic voices share their feelings from the Lord on what happened in 2017, and what we all may expect to unfold in our “New Year” of 2018 as we buckle up for some noteworthy events leading into the Seals of Revelation 6.

God bless you – see you there!

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