Satan comes as a thief to steal your life. His game is just about over..So Called Churches..Babylon commits abomination after…Do not put your trust into sinking sand – Wendi Lee

Papa- Received 25 Jan 18
Father says to My Children everywhere. “Papa has much to say but will only say what I Will in this message”.  Satan comes as a thief to steal your life. His game is just about over and Papa will make him cower at My Son’s Beautiful Feet. Children don’t let the enemy steal your soul. Come to My Son the Mighty Saviour of All Souls.
Once you belong to Yeshua, the devil can never steal your soul. He may be allowed to destroy your flesh as you walk in disobedience to My Son but he has his limits. Focus on Yeshua My Saints. Focus on His Complete Love for you. Do not put your heart into the world around you, it will fall but My Saints will stay strong in My Son.

Babylon commits abomination after abomination yet not many stand up to it by My Spirit. Sin has infitrated and stained even My So Called Churches. The place where My Children think they can come and put on a good show in front of everyone, but I AM not fooled. I know what lies in their wicked hearts.
Oh how Papa wants to walk and talk with them in My Garden for all eternity. Let Father say this.. This time as is will be as it was, men’s hearts continually evil. Beware My Child My Saint don’t get pulled off of My Son’s Path of Truth. Ask Father to guard your heart and your mind. Ask Me sincerely and in all humbleness and I surely will. Ask to be fed by My Word and I will give you meat to digest daily. Ask for My Perfect Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. This will come to pass for I AM God Jehovah Almighty King of the Universe and Of All Things Great and Small. I Will and It Is. Love from the Garden of Father’s Heart, Papa the Greatest Papa God Yaheveh.
King Yeshua- Received 25 Jan 18
I AM the Everlasting Father. I AM your Comforter. I will take care of My Own. Won’t you come with Me into My Holy Realm, where you can ??fly?? with Me in My Heavenly Places. Where you can dwell in peace and complete safety.
Do not put your trust into sinking sand for you cannot stand in the evil day. Stand strong in Me. Give Me your very heart and I will keep it in My Very Bosom. Trust and believe that My Grace has set you free, for I AM the Son of God and who I set free the devil can never take away from Me.
My Child, Yeshua God loves you so deeply you will never understand this, but if you give Me your heart, you will feel it. That is My Promise to you. Be refreshed in My Presence and allow Me to cleanse you from all of your sins. I so long to be your best companion. Love, the Biggest Heart you can ever imagine, Yeshua.
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