The Main Event! 1 7 18 – Benjamin Faircloth

“The scene is set, the players are in place, it is time for the Main Event! As the world sleeps and slumbers in ignorance, the enemies of mankind work overtime!

The seeds of sin are reaching maturity in the fields of great slaughter, death is coming to the nations; Great fear to those who abandoned the TRUTH. Their numbers (collateral damage) have been marked by those who have NO CARE for life or the pursuit of peace! Their plans are ready to go!

I have warned and I have pleaded with this nation to abandon your course of destruction. My prophets have warned, yet few respond to the calling of the coming MAIN EVENT!

This event will be nuclear in nature, a response to your system of life! A plan that has been held back, will now surely be released! The season is upon you, the hour draweth nigh! Look towards Israel to see the ignition of this event. Division equals destruction, and death is the fruit of betrayal!

Think not that My Grace has lost the power to save. My Grace is sufficient to sustain all who choose to embrace its cleansing power!

Who will you choose? Baal or My Beloved Son? Today-NOW is the day of salvation!

I say, watch Israel!”