"The reason for avoiding the mark is that it would change one’s DNA and render the person irredeemable." – Sujit Thomas

I asked God about the mark of the beast. Below are snippets of what I believe He told me.
It’s not the first time I’ve asked this, but his response has been along the same lines: No matter how it is marketed, and it will be marketed in several ways, we are not take a mark on our forehead or right hand.
When I asked him what the mark was, he said it was advanced technology.
And the reason for avoiding the mark he said is not simply a question of obedience or allegiance. He actually emphasized that Christ came to seek and save the lost—the stubborn, the disobedient, the obstinate—to make it clear that receiving the mark went beyond the issues of obedience and allegiance. He said the reason for avoiding the mark is that it would change one’s DNA and render the person irredeemable.

I also took the opportunity to ask him what biometrics have to do with the mark. He said that it was acclimatization training for the mark and that biometric data can be misused or, worse, abused but that collecting it or giving it did not change one’s DNA.
I believe God made it clear to me that the mark will not be marketed as “the mark”; it will be marketed as something cool, convenient, secure, something necessary for our safety, but harmless all the same. It will be marketed as something beneficial and necessary under the cover of deception.
He seemed to emphasize three essentials that I think are the supporting pillars for what I believe he revealed about the mark’s ultimate agenda—to render us irredeemable by God:
1. The person has to be willing to receive the mark.
2. The mark will be advanced technology.
3. The mark will be either on the forehead or on the right hand.
Without these three pillars, it seems the agenda will not work or perhaps, more correctly, God will not allow it to work.
I believe each one of us should be led by the Holy Spirit to decide when and where and how to draw the line. He may lead us to not adopt a piece of technology not because it is the ultimate mark but simply because beyond the publicized aim of a technology there may well be a nefarious aim that the common public wouldn’t know.
Please pray about what I’ve shared.
Sujit Thomas
========================I want to add,  that the Lord has revealed to me that the Mark of the Beast will also be visible on the outside of the body.  – Jeff Byerly