Thursday 7th December 2017
Hebrews 10:12, Isaiah 53
The days of the Hebrews are few. They are coming to an end.
To those who know the Bible, the Hebrew people have been there always. My people.  But I am now going to deal finally with these people. They are loved by Me, so loved.
 I have persevered over all of their history and spared them when I could have ended them and started over. For they are a stiff necked people. Stuck in their traditions.

But you should remember, you Gentiles, that you have been grafted in. You are a part of them as they are a part of you. Together you are the people of God who I am contending with at this time.
 Christ, My only son died for all.  He came at the perfect time, the perfect hour in history. There was one death for remission of the sins of all. Nothing that came before My Son, no one, had that position. None of creation could take away the sins of man. Not Moses, not Noah, Not even Enoch who walked with Me. Only Jesus the Christ, My Son could pay the penalty.
 And now it is time to deal with those who would not believe their Messiah had come. Still they wait for Him.  I have blinded their eyes all this time. But now, the scales will fall off. They are going to have an awakening en-mass.
This is how I will do it, and why:   Jerusalem has always been their Holy City. But you see, I will allow her to be attacked and much destruction will take place.
 The world is going to turn on Jerusalem , on Israel.  The Jews have long been hated and this continues.  They (the Jews) know they are special but they believe it is because they are the chosen who will be given a Saviour.  Imagine what they will think now that their Holy City is destroyed.  They will begin to look for answers. And I have My people who believe positioned to minister to them.
Rescue will come from the Christian.
Mr Netanyahu will become a believer.
And then the desolation will be set up. That abomination.  This is how you will know it is close, when you see that Mr. Netanyahu bows to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, My Son.