Vision: Salt Lake City, UT Judgement completely destroyed – Sharlene R.

Vision #33 Feb 26/18 early evg.
I was about to go down the stairs to the vision area and I looked to my left. I saw a veiled Altar of Incense with grey wisps of smoke rise from it. I knew that the smoke was from the prayers of the Believers. I went to the vision room area. I greeted my friend and we looked at the screen. It opened to me sitting in a canoe seeing in that perspective. I was on a beautiful pristine lake, smooth like glass surrounded by mountains. It was breath taking.
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Billy Graham Honored in Heaven – Mena Lee Grebin

Febuary 26, 2018
I haven’t necessarily been a “follower” of Reverend Billy Graham’s ministry. However, like many, his name is one that echoed in my ears since I was a child. I’ve also known that throughout the years of Reverend Graham’s ministry, millions have come to Christ, including my own husband. And although I had heard controversial things about him from time to time, I never questioned that Graham was called by God.
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More storms threaten sodden central U.S., where at least 70 rivers are in flood stage

A new storm is expected to bring additional weather misery this week to areas struggling to recover from a relentless series of weekend storms and tornadoes.

On Tuesday, downpours and gusty thunderstorms will drench areas from central Texas to central Arkansas and southern Tennessee, AccuWeather said.

The new weather system will  further soak sodden areas through Thursday, meteorologist Chris Dolce said.

“After a few dry days, rain will return to some of the waterlogged cities in those regions, exacerbating the flooding situation,” Dolce said.



YouTube is hosting videos that show potential sex traffickers how to make payments to a classifieds website notorious for prostitution, The Sunday Times can reveal. has been labelled a “hub of human trafficking, especially the trafficking of minors” by the US National Association of Attorneys General, yet the website has fended off a series of legal efforts to shut it down. It is implicated in three out of four reported child trafficking cases in America, according to research by campaign groups.

YouTube Tutorials for Sex Traffickers