Transcript below:

“Only the lamb is worthy to open the seals. The first seal is already open – six seals remain, the man of sin, the son of perdition, rides the white horse. He continues his strategy to gain control over the peoples of the world. He meets the leaders of the nations that have united together in secret meetings. Remember, he is not the man he portrays him self to be. He is the conqueror. He hides his evil thoughts although many of you know him. Others know him too but keep this name in their hearts, for they know the evil within – the Holy Spirit has opened their eyes and ears to the TRUTH.
The conqueror has acquired much WEALTH to help him in his hidden agenda. He will use this wealth to promote himself. He has only one goal, to rule others. He likes popularity. He has a hidden lie he’s been able to cover up. It will be revealed at the appointed time. Look and hear earthquakes, lightning, thunder and roaring seas. The Second Seal is opened – see the red horse of WAR, see the slaughter and bloodshed. Beware – Mr. Obama is a great threat and is dangerous. Never underestimate the BEAST, the adversary, the Serpent. Prepare selves for the war, it is at the door.”