Billy Graham Honored in Heaven – Mena Lee Grebin

Febuary 26, 2018
I haven’t necessarily been a “follower” of Reverend Billy Graham’s ministry. However, like many, his name is one that echoed in my ears since I was a child. I’ve also known that throughout the years of Reverend Graham’s ministry, millions have come to Christ, including my own husband. And although I had heard controversial things about him from time to time, I never questioned that Graham was called by God.

With that being said, this past Saturday, while in Atlanta, the Lord gave me a vision in the night. In this vision, I was standing in a large hall of fame (if I may call it that), and before me was a large portrait, approximately 7ft by 5ft in measurement, of Billy Graham.
He was sitting on a beautiful mahogany chair, and was dressed in all white. His hair, still white, was neatly combed back behind his ears. And although it seemed that years had been shaved from his face, wisdom still remained in his eyes.
What caught my eye was that his clothes were glowing, even through the portrait, and sparkling almost like flawless diamonds. At the bottom of the large frame was a golden plaque with his name written on it.
There were many portraits to the right of his, that lined down a long, brightly lit hallway, where celestial beings seemed to gaze upon those who had been honored; but I was not allowed to see who the others were. I just knew that Billy Graham’s portrait was located at the end, and the most recent one added.
I understood in my spirit that not only was Reverend Graham home (in heaven), but that he was honored there.
I shared this vision with my husband the next day. But I was a little puzzled because I never inquired about the Lord’s view of Graham, but nor did I doubt where he rested. However, I must mention that in the past, the Lord has shown me others who have gone to heaven, and some who have gone to hell…even loved ones.
After returning home, I learned of several derogatory articles that have emerged since his death. So I believe that the Lord has shown me this unsolicited truth because it needs to be shared that Reverend Billy Graham is home, and that the Lord has honored the fruit that was produced during the life that was entrusted to him. And whatever error, or sin was committed (for we ALL have fallen short), was placed under the blood of the lamb.
Mena Lee Grebin
Faithful Walk Healing Ministries


6 thoughts on “Billy Graham Honored in Heaven – Mena Lee Grebin”

  1. Mena ,this man was involved in many bad things against the kingdom, and not just here say.But God is a merciful God , so we will just have to wait and see.

    1. What “bad things against the kingdom”? Tell us the things he was involved with and the evidence against him. Don’t come on here and spout off an accusation of that magnitude with out offering some support for your statement. Maybe he did…maybe he did not….unless you were materially involved you can’t possibly know. I’ve done some horrible things in my life…..but GOD has granted me a way through JESUS to be eternally blessed…as we all have. As it says in Romans All have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD!

      Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things. Romans 2:1

  2. I had recently seen a couple of articles speaking against him and couldn’t understand how that lined up with the messages people were given about him. This definitely helps me know better.

  3. I certainly respected this Man of God! I would watch the crusades on television and wanted to go to the alter every time he would give the salvation message..even though I’ve been saved for many years. My point is that his messages were that powerful to me. I don’t know much about the errors he might have made in his lifetime and, to tell you the truth, I never gave it a thought then or now. I know he longed for his wife who passed many years ago and I’m glad the 2 of them are enjoying eternity together. RIP Reverend Billy Graham

  4. Thank you, Mena, for sharing! It amazes me how this man, who unashamedly preached the Gospel—simply and clearly—could be under such criticism and suspicion. We all fail somewhere, but we are cleansed COMPLETELY by the blood of the Lamb, as you said!

  5. That’s beautiful. 🙂
    I had a cousin whose father (my uncle) was
    living a rather worldly life when he died. My cousin was in travail before the Lord, wanting to know of her father had made it into heaven. The Lord gave her a brief glimpse of her father. He too, looked like he had had years shaved off his life, and she said she could not even describe the joyous expression on his face.
    Thank you for sharing this, Mena. Such a blessed hope for us who trust in His name.

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