Dream About Obama and Overcoming the Devil – Wendie Lee

I was in a room like a cafeteria room and everyone was leaving, leaving me sitting by myself on table and then all of a sudden there is someone sitting beside me on the left. I didn’t notice him before, but all of a sudden I noticed that Obama was sitting on my left, like I was at a table in the center of the room and he was on the left side at a table right beside me an aisle separating us. And so all of a sudden fear gripped me and I was praying to King Yeshua, He calmed me and comforted me and told me that He has me.

So what he was doing, what Obama was doing he kept throwing something at me and in the dream God kept moving me to where when he threw it he missed me each and every time as either He moved me up or back or up and back and he always missed me whatever he was throwing at me. But then all of a sudden I looked down and there was like something that was attached right here (over her heart) the area of my heart and there was like a piece of paper like when you put on a bulletin board when you stick something on the bulletin board with a piece of paper, this was like a post it note or something that size that was attached to it and I looked down and it was right here, at my heart. So it was like He had pinned something to my heart. Now I did not see any words on it, I didn’t read it in the dream, it was just a piece of paper. And so all of a sudden the dream switches to.
The other side of that cafeteria room, Obama goes away, in other words I don’t see him any more after that. But then there’s this evil evil evil sitting at the back of the room. And so the dream focuses on the back of the room where this evil evil evil person was and God speaking through me, all of a sudden I started saying and getting up and standing and walking towards this evil, it was a person and he was evil whether it was the devil, whether it was the, it was some devil it was evil evil evil and I knew this. So King Yeshua started having me say as I was getting up and walking to this evil entity face to face “In the Mighty Name of Yeshua HaMashiac”, and God had me go face to face with this evil. I could feel his forehead with my forehead. He had me go up to this evil and He had me say “Do not touch her”. That’s after I said in the Mighty Name of Yeshua because the demons must bow to His Mighty Name. The Devil must bow to His Mighty Name. Hallelujah and that entities face was just cold, clammy, evil it was awful it was awful. And after God had me say that I backed out, I backed up and then the scene switches again to another room it is not the same room.
Its another room and I get all of these visions that people have tried defeating this evil entity and I think at this point it was back to the antichrist, because Satan is going to enter the antichrist and but it was all evil it was all evil. So I was given visions in this dream when I was in another part of the room that people had tried to defeat this, I mean like superhero people had tried to defeat this evil, this evil one and they were wore out. (Thank you Holy Spirit) they were wore out and then all of a sudden I find myself.  Now I forgot to tell you a part. I apologize thank you Holy Spirit. After God had me go up face to face with that evil entity in King Yeshua’s Mighty Name. When I started backing up, actually when I started walking away, I don’t know, God has such a sense of humor but its not really funny but it is funny. It was like the devil or whoever that entity was, because God had had me say “Do Not Touch Her in the Mighty Name of Yeshua”, when I started walking away it was like he was prancing and touching me and prancing and touching me and touching me and prancing and touching me. And it was like he was saying nana nana nana I’m touching you, I’m not joking that is what happened and so I was continuously praying to King Yeshua and He was telling me  its ok its ok. So the Holy Spirit reminded me about that to tell you.  Only God can give you dreams like this to turn such a serious dream and and make me laugh, after I think about it I don’t think I was laughing about it in the dream, but it makes me makes me laugh when I think about that part. Because the devil can’t do anything to you unless God allows it, and him going like this wasn’t touching me the way God had meant it, he could not touch me whatever God meant or I don’t know what God meant by that, but he could not touch me in a certain manner. I didn’t get hurt in the dream in other words.  Now let me say there is a lot of symbolism in this dream but the devil doing his silly little prancing and being a child and and throwing a temper tantrum and you know touching me like this, that does mean something in the physical.
When God gives you dreams don’t lean upon your own understanding pray about it and if it is His Will, He will reveal what this means what that means. Maybe during years of time and maybe as soon as you wake up, you just never know but don’t lean on your own understanding of dreams. He’s taught me this very painfully very painfully He’s taught me this.
So when I was in the other room and other visions were coming to me about people being wore out like superheros trying to defeat this evil entity, all of a sudden I found myself, I had this evil entity against the wall. This evil entity, I don’t know if it was the devil, I don’t know if it was the antichrist, I don’t know but it was pure evil and is facing the wall, his face touching the wall, his whole body touching the wall. And I had that same little thing that was placed right here (
over her heart) it did not hurt, I don’t know if it was pinned to my heart or what but that same little peg looking thing I had in his back and he couldn’t move. And this just happened so quickly that I don’t even remember pinning him against the wall, its happened so quickly. So that peg looking thing was in his back kind of to the left of his back and then the scene changed again.
And all of sudden I found myself yelling to this evil entity “Get Out ! ” with the Force of God, with the Power of God. I don’t have any power, I’m nothing, I’m nobody but when you have the Power of God within you, He’s the one that defeats the enemy not you, it’s King Yeshua within you. King Yeshua’s Name is the Mightiest of All Names. Every knee shall bow at the name of Jesus Christ. Hallelujah.  So after I said Get Out.. I think I said it twice or three times, he was running out that door by the very Name of God Almighty. King Yeshua HaMaschiac going through this vessels saying Get Out  having him pinned up against that wall. When I had been given the vision that everyone had tried defeating him they were wore out and I had him pinned against that wall in the Mighty Name of King Yeshua. God Almighty had him pinned against that wall working through this vessel. And then this vessel tells him to Get Out in the Mighty Name of King Yeshua, but I didn’t say that I just had His Power flowing through me, Get Out and the devil couldn’t run fast enough out that door. And I just saw everyone all of a sudden everyone was in there again and I just saw everyone’s jaw practically drop. They couldn’t believe that the devil was running away as fast as he was. And after all that happened I just dropped in a chair and the dream ended and I was about to start praying again.