I do not mince My Words….Father will destroy…You are being weighed and measured now…as a Lion.. – Wendi Lee

  1. Papa- Received 2 Feb 18
My Child write this down for Papa has something to say to His Beloveds. I AM Your Guiding Light through My Son. If you have not chosen My Son as who you serve, then I Father God Yaheveh do not know you. I raise My Hand up and do not acknowledge your prayers. You must be saved and acknowledge My Precious Son Yeshua. I do not mince My Words, for there is no NAME in which you must be saved except for My Son Yeshua.

Father will destroy all sin once and for all and this is very near. My Faithful shall live in such peace that they could never know in their fleshly human bodies.
The closer you get to My Son Yeshua, the richer and fuller your life on earth gets. My Daughter has learned this the very hard way. She has endured and has stayed ever so faithful to My Son, they are inseparable. Wouldn’t you like to have such a relationship?  My Son Yeshua will never leave you My Child, but if you don’t live for Him, He cannot bless you as He desires to. You must crave His Presence and to love obeying Him. Yes Father said love to obey My Son. This can only come from reaching out and reading My Word on a daily basis. As you read My Word soaks into your heart little by little and your inner man is changed by My Holy Spirit. This is how My Children are filled by My Holy Spirit.
You are praising My Son Yeshua in your very heart and rejoicing in His Good Pleasures. Papa says do this My Child and My Son will take you step by step in His Delights for you. This is all for now. Father says to stay vigilant and watchful My Bride. Things are changing in My Faithful very very soon now. Father Yaheveh speaks.
King Yeshua – Received 2 Feb 18
My Children I AM Yeshua the Master Rabbi and Leader of this Bible study. Do not be fooled I listen and record everything that is said, all and I do mean all of My Children will be held accountable for what they do while they live here on My Earth, My Place For Testing and Measuring. Study My Word My Bride for you think that since you have made your choice for Me that you are handed a free pass to say what you want and live the way you want. I say to you, you will be weighed and measured. You are being weighed and measured now. Does not My Holy Scriptures say to love thy neighbor? That doesn’t mean only who has faith in Me. That means the people you do not get along with, remember I love Everyone and I desire No One to perish. Treat everyone with My Cup of Kindness and it will be well with you. Signed Your Loving Bridegroom as a Lion. I AM Yeshua HaMasciach.