What the Lord said to me last night about passing of Billy Graham – Alison Pound

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What the Lord said to me last night about passing of Billy Graham:

“Billy Graham signals by his passing, the end of an era of evangelism. The way evangelism will be done from now on, for the final harvest, will be completely different, for I am giving a double portion of what Billy had. All that he fell short in, I will replace in My children, and they will not fall short in representing Me to the world. The lost will be found, the blind will see, the sick will be healed. Double measure.

I am overjoyed to receive this man, a warrior for Me, into My arms. He receives the crown and honor deserving of a faithful servant who endured until the end. I did not grant him 100 years because, like Abraham, there was some unbelief about what I could and would do in him. He fell short of the 100 by one year only. Do not fall short, but live the fullest life, believing wholly in all I have written to you in My word. Take up the shield of faith and the breastplate of righteousness and with these you will do battle successfully putting the enemy to flight.”

I believe we must pray over all these prophetic words, saying yes Lord, have your way, do what is necessary in me in order that this might come to pass. There is more preparation ahead for us if we are going to be able to carry what has been prophesied here. There is more to this than leaning back in our chairs, smiling knowingly and saying amen, wouldn’t you agree?