It’s Time to Bear Arms it’s Time to Fight – Barbara R Thomas

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I’m yet troubled about my dream this morning. What I saw was a strategic plan of destruction with very crafty plots to bring the people into captivity. God showed me a plan where it would seem that a census was being taken concerning households and they were saying that these households would receive money to help bring their homes up to code. These people were only going to certain cities to certain houses. These homes were the homes of Christians.

As the dream was happening we begin to look out the window and we saw soldiers they had uniforms on that were a mixture of a police uniform and a army uniform. They were coming to the homes of those that they had sent these people to check out how many lived there and their income and religion. As I watched this scene I begin to tell two persons that were with me that they were coming that the whole thing was a setup to capture the Christians & to put them in camps until they could kill them. I kept hearing it’s a religious genocide about to take place. As we were standing there the Holy Ghost spoke and said it’s time to bear arms it’s time to fight. He said listen to me and I will show you how to survive. As we were in the house three persons knock on the door then just busted in. These three persons didn’t know that God had given me instructions to take them out. As they came in we ambushed them and took a hold of them and threw them over this cliff! They tried to hang on to a limb but we peeled their fingers and they fell down into a cliff that had no bottom.

Again another group came to the door but this time we were holding these guns and the Holy Ghost said shoot them. We begin to shoot and take the second set out we dragged them in and threw them over into the bottomless cliff. The Lord spoke and said I will give you the weapons to destroy the enemy. He said teach my people how to intercede in this hour. Tell them they must know the spiritual weapons to use. He said the strategy must be according to His plan. He said as you destroy the enemy those spirits will not bother you again. He said tell my people to pray now with a intense urgency. There are plots to imprison & enslave them in bondage like they did the children of Israel to make them work for them under the hand of hard and ruthless task masters. He said many are not productive or producing anything in society those are the ones that they are after. He said a program is trying to be pass to make those that remain in the United States that are not contributing anything worthy to work as slaves to remain here. He said this is not about color this is about greed. He begin to show me that it is a plot to take away the religious freedom of the people and to bring them under the rulership of man. He said many leaders have aligned with the tormentors for they have accepted money that they were not to come into covenant with. This is the time of war. He said bear your arms take the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God and swing it with powerful mighty blows against the plans of satan.

I kept hearing Him say I will not let my people be destroyed but they must fight now for the freedom. Things have changed the battle is on and we can’t be wimps in this hour. He said tell the Prophets to release what I have said tell those I have given dreams & visions to stop holding back. He said tell them to stop trying to sell my word & warn my people. He said the secret council of the ungodly is being revealed. He said look what is being done look how they are trying to bring fear to the people look at the wickedness that is being advertised and upheld. Look at the depravity of the governments mind see how they are leading the country into moral decay see how they have forsaken the laws of righteousness and have brought forth laws that break down the morality of the people. See how the morals of the country has been annihilated by sinful men and people. See the lust of mans heart.

I’m yet shaken by this dream yet shaken by how God said no mercy on anything or anybody that walks against His word in this hour. He said to much compromise has taken place and the country is now in decay. He said sin is ruining this place and the people love to have it this way. It’s time people of God to stand it’s time to declare the word of God it’s time to stand up and stop taking down. We must arm ourselves with God’s Spirit the armor of God the authority of Jesus name and operate in the power of the Holy Ghost. We will not be enslaved and rounded up like cattle to be under task masters. We are throwing the devil down subduing him under our feet and taking authority in the earth. It’s time to fight. Either enlist or get drafted into the war. Either way God is saying if you’re a son of God you are being drawn into this battle! Take heed and pay attention there is a plot to take you out but if you hear and obey God you will be able to take out the enemy!

BRT 10/7/18