‘Churches’ Celebrate Halloween With Zombies, Dancing Skeletons, ‘Haunted Hayrides’ and ‘Spooktaculars’

Conservative, Christian-identifying churches nationwide are hosting Halloween-themed events throughout the month of October, some featuring or including Halloween-centered sermons and performances, haunted hayrides, and/or costume contests with children and adults alike dressing up up as skeletons, ghosts, witches and other images of death or evil.

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I do not call you slaves; a master doesn’t confide in his slaves. You are not the property of a taskmaster; neither are you subservient workers. I share My secrets, I explain My mysteries and I reveal my heart to My friends. I have called you “friends”. You are My friends if you continue to do whatever I ask of you; John 15:14-15. A friend of the king dines at the table of the king; he is chosen and appointed to sit with him there. My friends are not beggars who scurry after crumbs that fall to the floor. Those who are seated with Me are worthy companions; Matthew 10:37-38; they are cherished and honored at the feast I have prepared; Luke 13:29. I have chosen My friends from among the nobles, the officers, the princes, the priests and even the outcasts; Matthew 11:19. They are assembled with those who provide food for the king’s household; 1 Kings 4:5-7; John 21:15-17. A beloved friend leans upon Me at the supper; John 21:20. There is no need to raise My voice in noisy, angry tones to a friend; I need not shout aloud to My beloved who abides within My shadow. I can whisper and speak softly to the one who is near to Me, touching Me; 1 Kings 19:11-13; John 13:23, 28. Continue reading “I   HAVE   CALLED  YOU “FRIENDS” – Terri Hill”


Biometric identification is here! Soon the mark of the beast…

Sent in by brother William:
Jeff, I wanted to share with you a disturbing commercial I just saw on Msnbc . It was about a guy name Jimmy This is heading to the implementation of the mark of the beast.
The saints need to really awaken to how the Adversary is coming to the forefront and we need to be really to his divisive.
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