Project Indigo Skyfold was devised and put into place by Dr David W Keith out of Harvard University in 1992, and funded by Bill Gates who contributed billions of dollars to fund the program, and continues to do so today.

Dr David Keith is an engineer by trade not a climatologist, so there ladies and gentlemen is an immediate conflict of interests.

The geoengineering programs are an illegal atmospheric experiment, (without) the public’s consent conducted under the guise of lowering rising global temperatures due to co2 in the atmosphere which is a complete and utter lie and the most misleading information ever to be released to the public.

The programs are classified as above National Security, in other words deliberately kept out of the public domain, even though the programs have a catastrophic effect on the health of all biological life from the microbes in the ground soil to us, and goes against every human rights document ever written by the United Nations and the Geneva Convention, and is the biggest crime against humanity that we have witnessed in our entire history.
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Geoengineering an explanation