Spirit of Violence Being Loosed – Augusto Perez


Last evening after my time of prayer with the LORD I went to bed.  I had a very alarming in the middle of the night. I felt such an urgency in my spirit that after I woke up in the middle of the night I wanted to sit in my computer and send out a prayer alert to the intercessors. However, I was so tired and drained that all I could do was write down what I had been shown so I would not forget the details.  I prayed against what I saw and went back to lie down. This morning, after having an opportunity to pray and collect my thoughts, I am posting this dream and sending out a prayer alert.  I had a series of dreams one after the other. This does not happen often, but whenever it does they are usually linked together. 

“The first dream had to do with Geronimo, the feared Apache Shaman who was responsible for much bloodshed on this land.  In the dream, I was shown old newspaper articles and writings depicting the violence and bloodshed that was brought about by his hand.  There was a spirit of violence involved. He was so brutal that he was feared by his enemies. His Chiricahua name was Goyahkla (One Who Yawns), but his Mexican enemies gave him the Spanish name Geronimo. He had a deep hatred for Mexican soldiers, in part for them killing his family. In the years that followed, he raided the area know today as the American Southwest (New Mexico and Arizona). He relied in supernatural power as a warrior. 

In the second dream I had, I saw a man plottingto kill many people.  He looked wild and had a plan to kill people. In the dream, I heard him saying out loud: “STOP ME, STOP ME!”. He seemed to be under demonic control, mind control or both.  He had a rifle and was methodically following a plan.  He seemed to following a certain group of people.  I don’t remember who the people where that he was after.  There was a spirit of violence around him.  He looked to be middle aged like in his 40’s. He was using an older van. I saw him park the van and was looking for a place to do the killing. I was shown three computer screens that he was using to plan his evil deed.” Then I woke up.

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