Who is the love of your life? – A Word From the Lord


Many say they are lovers of Me but it is I who can see each heart and what lies within it.  For those who truly love Me are ones who strive to love Me with their whole heart, entire mind, and in every part of their soul.  And they will seek to love Me with all the strength they have, and will only ask for more  – so they may continue to love Me.  In these ones, I give what it is they need to seek Me and remain loyal and faithful to Me.   I call now, all to look deep into their own hearts – and ask Me if they also have other loves.  For I know that many would be surprised to what I will show them.  For I do see lovers that they take delight in.  I see the (spiritual) fornication they commit.  I am jealous and My anger rises over such.  Out of such I have a people who come before Me, call on My name and seek after Me, but they do not see they bring their loves and lovers with them – expecting Me to accept and join in with them.  They wonder why their prayers are not answered, and they do not have peace and joy in their hearts, they question their faith, they are often depressed and are anxious about life’s issues and problems.  Today, much of what I have deemed unholy and an abomination is embraced and welcomed in practice and lifestyle within the church.  Why is this? It is because there are very few who come before Me to specifically ask of Me to reveal to them their sin and adulteries.  Instead, they have justified them through strange doctrines, heretical teaching, the love they have for their sins, and a disobedient heart.  Some of these loves they have, have come through difficult life circumstances and is a way they have coped.  I AM to be whom and what they turn to.  Some of these loves are out of selfish hearts that seek only to be pleased and for pleasure.  I AM to be who they take delight in.   My heart is to bring the healing each one is in need of and to fill the holes.  I watch carefully, because when I see a true heart I act fast for I take joy to fill with it Myself – so I now ask that all would dare to come to Me, and desire that I reveal to them who or what else they may  love before or instead of Me.   For all who will cut the tie that has taken them captive I will strengthen and restore them to Myself.

Who is the love of your life?


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  1. Awesome Word! I’ve heard so many Christians recently say that they are praying to be healed in their bodies. Yet, while they speak, they go on & on about how they aren’t taking anything more for their illness than ‘over-the-counter medicines’, or certain doctor prescribed medications. Usually followed by the announcement of their next doctor’s appointment coming up in 2 weeks, or so. I wanted to mention that in recent months I’ve heard the Lord speak repeatedly to those who are wondering why they haven’t been healed yet, usually asking something about their desperation level for Him? It would seem to make good common spiritual sense to me, that if you are desperate enough for the Lord’s healing, you will seriously consider what it is you are putting BEFORE Him, beyond 1st Aid? If you are seeing a doctor for your condition, then why do you bother asking the Lord for His healing? Doesn’t that present a conflict of interest in your life? Do you think Christians in third world countries have the luxury of seeking for both healing & a doctor’s remedy at the same time? Or won’t they much more fervently & desperately seek after the Lord’s divine miraculous intervention, knowing in some cases that He is their ONLY hope? I guarantee you from my own experience of numerous miraculous healings that He answers the prayers of those who present themselves to Him on bended knee where possible, or go spiritually bowed before Him, desperately seeking Him as their FIRST & foremost primary Physician. I challenge you to try it. But don’t just ‘ask’ for your healing without also stating your beliefs & claiming your rights to receive it as you speak out the promises written in the Word of God. Know that the temple is within… “And the blind & lame came to Him in the temple, & He healed all of them.” And further on we read, “…& He healed all of those who came to Him”. It works! rick

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