Dream – Rattlesnakes and a Pump Action Shotgun – Anonymus

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November 5, 2018.

In my dream I was outside my house and there seemed to be rattlesnakes wherever I looked. I could hardly take a step without coming upon them. They were curled up but they didn’t have the appearance that they were about to strike. They looked like they were sleeping. Their being asleep still meant they were dangerous. I made my way into the house to get my pump-action shotgun and some shotgun shells. Then I headed outside to kill the snakes. I chambered a shell, pumped the gun, took aim at a snake and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. The safety was still on. I disengaged the safety, took aim and pulled the trigger. I got a little “poof” sound but the gun didn’t fire. As I was pondering what was wrong, a man came along and suggested that I clear the chamber; a dangerous but necessary step if I was going to see why the gun wouldn’t fire. I began to clear the chamber. The shell I’d just put into the chamber came out but it wasn’t the only shell in the chamber. As I continued to clear the chamber, many other types and sizes of ammo fell out of the chamber. I was stunned. What in the world were these doing in my shotgun? Eventually I did get the chamber cleared, so I chambered a shotgun shell and readied the gun to fire a test shell. I pulled the trigger and the blast was deafening. End of dream.

Interpretation. The enemy is everywhere we turn but we can’t kill the enemy with weapons that either aren’t ready to be fired because the safety’s on, or with our weapons full of the wrong caliber ammo. The man who suggested that I clear the chamber is the Holy Spirit who had the answer to my dilemma. After clearing the chamber of all the wrong ammo, (apparently ammo I’d tried to use in the past against the enemy), chambering the correct ammo, being sure the safety was off, the gun could be fired.

Further Interpretation. Our hearts are the chamber. Too many times we’ve tried to engage the enemy of our souls with ammo that is not effective against him. We’ve got to clear everything out of us that doesn’t belong through confession and repentance. Then we must fill ourselves with the ammo which is guaranteed to defeat the enemy – the Word of God. God’s Word, appropriately used against the enemy is a deafening blast that has the power to defeat him every time we come upon him.


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  1. … Get rid of all these man made ways and denomanational systems,, empty out on God’s altar…and get back to that Pentecostal experience the hunderd and twenty had, in the upper room , use that ammo, it’ll shoot forth such a blast of LOVE, it’ll kill every devil in hell.

  2. I had vision a few yrs ago of troops misfiring because they had neglected to inspect and clean their weapons.

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