“I will begin to build my own house in 3 days” – Keno Rojas

I was awakened at 4am this morning with an intense and interesting vision.

Vision: I was in a dark living room with Obama. I was a little star struck. He was nice. Shook my hand. I halfway bowed to him with my hands crossed like an Asian. He said “I finally have enough money, I will begin to build my own house in 3 days” End.

I just realized that in 3 days it is nov 6th 2018. Midterm elections!!!

I’m praying we will be prepared and for any meaning. I told my friend the vision and he instantly opened his mouth and spoke the scripture of Jesus saying “tear down this temple (house) and in 3 days I will build it again!” To me it speaks of the antichrist, man of sin.


2 thoughts on ““I will begin to build my own house in 3 days” – Keno Rojas”

  1. It is somewhat unusual for a previous sitting president to act as this one has.
    He has either preceded or arrived after President trumps overseas trips as if he is
    underminding his authority and I ponder why Trump has not mentioned this or tried to put a stop to this.

    He may run 2020 and he could I believe. He has the only change of defeating Trump in The Democrat Party.

    His background is that of a community organizer, an activist.
    And if we could look deep within his administration, he spent more time
    focused in that area and delegated presidential authority to people like Susan Rice.

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