Mark Taylor Prophesied That There Would Be A “Red Tsunami”. Mark Taylor Was Wrong And Mark Taylor Is A False Prophet.

The truth about Mark Taylor has finally been exposed. Over the past two years, “fireman prophet” Mark Taylor has been catapulted to international fame for supposedly “prophesying” that Donald Trump would become president. And once Trump actually won, millions of people were convinced that Taylor had actually gotten a message from God. A book was quickly published and a major movie about his “prophecy” has just been released. But Taylor’s “prophetic word” was actually a failed prophecy that Trump would become president in 2012. By Taylor’s own admission, he thought that he had “truly missed it”. And even though he had no previous track record of prophetic accuracy, he was able to recycle his failed prophecy for the 2016 election and he got incredibly lucky.

But luck always runs out for false prophets, because they get greedy.

Prior to the 2018 midterm elections, Taylor decided to go for it again, and this time he told everyone that the Lord was showing him that a “red tsunami” was coming

CBN News spoke with Mark Taylor, author of the popular book The Trump Prophecies, about the prophetic outlook surrounding these elections.

“Go back to 2016 to the presidential election – all the fake news, the pundits, the polls were all wrong as we found out,” Taylor said. “It was just the exact opposite of what they were saying. So the same thing’s going to happen here.”

“There will be no ‘Blue Wave.’ A lot of people are talking about a ‘Red Wave,’ but it’s actually going to be a ‘Red Tsunami’ is what the Lord is showing me,” he continued.

You can hear Taylor talking about the “red tsunami” during interviews right here and right here.

Obviously there was no “red tsunami”, and so that leads us to a couple of inescapable conclusions.

Number one, Mark Taylor was wrong.

Number two, Mark Taylor is a false prophet.

And Mark Taylor is not the only one.

Charlie Shamp is another false prophet that prophesied that a red tsunami was coming

I again looked and saw a massive red tsunami wave coming to America. Suddenly, it crashed against the shores and covered the nation. I thought, ‘No. Does this mean a disaster will come?’ I heard the Lord say, ‘I will come to America with another wave of revival. This will be the third wave and will crash against the shores so intensely that the nation will awaken to righteousness again. I will cover this nation with my blood; cities will experience the salvation of my hand. I will empower my church to preach the message of the Cross and multitudes will run to altars on street corners and stadiums as I cover the nation with the blood of my Son from sea to shining sea.”

The Lord spoke to me again, ‘As a sure sign of these things coming to pass there will be a wave of conservatives elected during the midterm election in November 2018; it will be breaking news. They will carry the House and the Senate, and I will uproot, replant and rebuild the nation. I will tie the three branches of government together, for a person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken. I will no longer allow your president to stand on his own. Even now I have called others to come along side and help bring the nation back from the dead, and they will take their seats in the coming days.

When people say that the Lord told them something when the Lord didn’t tell them anything, they are bringing shame on the Christian faith and they are discrediting men and women that really do hear from the Lord.

You just can’t make something up and say that it was from God. The truth is that these false prophets are delusional, and this is a point that Lance Wallnau is making very strongly

America ran purple after the midterm elections with the vote was split narrowly down the middle between Republicans and Democrats, and Spirit-filled entrepreneur and conservative commentator Lance Wallnau says he knows why.

There was no blue wave, and there was no red wave, which may have shocked some believers.

“The prophets [who] prophesied red waves are delusional,”Wallnau says. “They’re listening to cue droppings; they’re delirious.”

Over the past two years, Mark Taylor has been endlessly promoted by Christian and conservative media outlets, but I never endorsed him in any way, shape or form because I knew that he was as fake as a three dollar bill.

Now we have undeniable evidence that he is a false prophet, and he needs to publicly repent for what he has done.

Mark Taylor Prophesied That There Would Be A “Red Tsunami”. Mark Taylor Was Wrong And Mark Taylor Is A False Prophet.


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  1. Brethren- For your eyes only, dear loved ones, here is another Word posted today, the day after this post above, called “My Red Wave!”
    Posted on November 9, 2018 by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer
    “MY RED WAVE will come forth over this nation and the world. WATCH AND SEE, as it comes forth and revival breaks out over the world…”
    ***It helps to remember that the only reason for this phase of judgment coming upon the church nation at this time is for the turning/saving of many souls that otherwise would be lost & not turn to the Lord, except in great loss of their idols & modern conveniences that have led to ‘massive spiritual sleepiness’…

      1. “America, your political solutions to your spiritual problems will not delay your judgment. In truth, either way that you vote you will be punished. One way will be quicker and one way will be more severe. Your current king was brought into office to begin your judgment but your former king shall return as the events proceed and finish it.”

    1. Changes Are Coming – Victoria Ang
      (Wednesday, November 07, 2018)


      Do not be deceived my children by this election !Yes I am at work and my ways are higher than your ways. For you do not know the hour that I come. I desire to give all a chance to receive me as their Lord and Savior. For it is only by my hand that I work all things together for good for those that seek me fully and that love me and are called for my purpose.
      I desire to use those willing, to bring in a harvest that will enter my Kingdom. I seek those willing and have repented of worldly ways and desire to seek after me.”

  2. I remember back years ago as a new spirit filled believer I did really well for a while. But falling off into pride God allowed me to be humiliated in public. I was supposed to speak 2nd, not last…in honor. I usurped that spot with grandeur ideas of my own, with good intentions mind you, but I was hearing my voice not Gods on what to do/say.

    Being moved heavy in my spirit one day I asked God to be gentle, but let me be judged as much here on earth as possible. Year or two later: Well during my little “speech” I had a stink bug crawling on my face. I couldn’t feel it. But everyone else was quirming and laughing. It was painful emotionally. But I’d rather be lashed/refined here on earth as much as I can before judgement

    I pray for these people…it’s gonna hurt. It’s going to hurt us all in some way I think. We will all be surprised at the events and their order I do believe. Even those who see and hear well.

    The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning this day.

  3. Many prophecies are conditional on prayer, people’s responses, a whole host of variables. Many prophecies can be misconstrued or misinterpreted even by the person receiving it. I have received prophetic words that I thought didn’t come about but when I questioned the Lord, He showed me where it was actually fulfilled but I was expecting a different manifestation.
    True, we all need discernment in these last days for false prophets will arise, but let’s be careful in how we judge for we shall be judged in the same manner. God told one apostle Jesus would have already returned but for His grace and mercy because so many would perish. There but for His grace go I….

  4. There have been several people on you-tube that I have never been able to listen to for more then a few minutes. I just feel what they say is not necessarily genuine,accurate, or truthful….Mark Taylor is one and Paul Begley is another one (Sorry, no offense meant to any fans of Paul). I always have prayed for discernment…..maybe I do have it!

    1. I am in the same boat with you, I could never listen to Paul Bagley for more than couple minutes and when I saw Mark Taylor on Greg Hunter’s show for the first time, in my spirit I felt that this man is not genuine.

    2. Paul Begley has televised several programs with ErvIn Baxter of “End of The Age” and whom has appeared on his.

      But, Mr. Baxter, in my opinion as knowledgeable as he seems, is quite arrogant in the thought that he is building a facility in Jerusalem and at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, he is going to enter that facility and tell the Jews who are gathered there that it is he that they been searching/waiting for.

      1. While on this Journey,
        Can you clarify your 2nd paragraph….about Mr. Baxter? Are you indicating he has claimed he will declare himself as “Christ” ? And that he is building a facility in Israel to carry this out?

        1. Clarified– That he said that his ministry is preparing a building, a center where Jews who are fleeing/hiding from The onslaught of The Anti-Christ
          can hide and may also be a center for prophecy, can gather and when The Lord, on his 2nd coming that at one point, himself, will enter that facility.

          I stop at this point. He is not going to proclaim him self as Christ. He has never said that.

          But what I know i understood that he is expecting or believing Jesus will actually come into his center that where the remnant of Jews who did not flee or could not flee could gather.

          That is how I understood what he said. I think he expects this to happen after Jesus goes to the Temple Mount.

          Has been some time ago, but I thought that it was quite arrogant.
          That is how I believe I heard his remark and my comments are not exact, other than He has never said that he would declare him self to be The Christ.

  5. Very true words Jeff and i have also wondered about Charlie Schamp as he seemed to come on the scene out of nowhere but The Lords words are so true and we really have to pray for discernment as there are so many false prophets out there and deceiving so many. And if one is not grounded in Christ and His word they can be easily deceived or manipulated. So keep up he good work Jeff in giving us the truth as the Lord leads you. Blessings in Christ Jeff.

  6. As if that wasn’t enough, his Trump Prophecy (which pathetically, sadly, and unfortunately a number of professing Christians fell for) was made into a movie. DJT was and is NOT a door stop, to God’s Judgment – nor will he ever make America great again! May Mark Taylor and ALL the other False Prophets, BE EXPOSED for who they REALLY are.

    1. Amen Dinna! I think a lot of people are going to be exposed right now… in Hebrews it says that judgment will start in the House of Lords so let’s just wait and see how many more are exposed in the coming days

  7. If we were living in the Old Testament, they could’ve been stoned for this. Not saying we should ever do such a thing, of course, but they do need to come out with a contrite heart and ask for people’s forgiveness for misleading them.

    Making up prophecy and stamping it with the Lord’s name is not something to be taken lightly.

  8. Sadly, if we look at many words given…..”this August…this September….this October”…..a market crash by such and such (past) date, Hillary wins the (past) presidential election, an earthquake taking California into the ocean by such and such a (past) date, lots of political words, and LOTS of words that are vague enough, it will be hard to tell if they come to pass or not, and so on, and so on…….he’s not the only one who gets to wear that hat.
    Some people mean well, and I have to assume some people don’t. In these last days, in my opinion, one of the greatest gifts to ask the Father for is discernment. As the body of Christ, we need discernment for everyday life, as time goes on, and wolves slip in among the sheep, discernment may have a life and death importance for us.
    I don’t know Mark Taylor in the least. I’m not sure I’ve even heard his name, so my opinion of him is not worth much. But in Matt. 24:24 Jesus says that false prophets shall arise in the last days, even with signs and wonders that if it were possible could deceive the elect, so……no surprise if we see this more and more often. Which makes discernment a precious commodity!

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