Rogue star caused massive threat to Earth

Artist's illustration of a powerful flare erupting from the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri.

There’s something odd about our solar system.

We thought we were normal. After all, we were the only system of planets we knew.

That was two decades ago.

But hunters have now discovered planets orbiting some 500 stars. They’re finding more every year. Others have been looking at the ‘stuff’ surrounding these stars — the leftover bits of their birth.

And very, very few of these solar systems look anything like ours.

Astronomers are starting to think they have an idea why.

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Be Mine – Glynda Lomax

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Search your mind and heart for the things that do not please Me. Search your life for activities that are not in line with My Holy Word. Why have you not relinquished those things you know I do not approve? Why do you cling to your sins? Why do you think I turn a blind eye when I do not? The enemy deceives you into thinking your sins do not matter, that I see them not, that you will not pay a price, but this is folly, My Children. Pure folly. Continue reading “Be Mine – Glynda Lomax”