Prophetic Dream: My Heavenly Vehicle Dream – Ms. Sophie


(I couldn’t find a white van lifting off the ground but close enough)


I was out and about today and lately have not slept well at all. Many attacks in the spiritual against me and satan uses those you know to come against you as we all know. So, today took a friend to the doctor’s office, went to the store for food and we bought 2 rib eye steaks. I have not eaten a steak in probably close to a year but today I did eat one. After I ate, it felt like a lead weight in my stomache so I felt really tired and sleepy.

So hence the dream came. Here goes of what I can recall so far and do not remember every single detail in the beginning of it. Something major had happened on earth though and I remember there were lots of people outside and I was there with them. Then someone comes over to me and I am to leave with them so next thing I remember I am in a brand new white van and being taken away. First it was that we seemed to be driving on the road and then whoosh gone that fast. I was just taken away and remember this white van was going up into the air. It was that fast that I was whisked away! We were flying but not as you would think in earthly time but supernaturally fast!

Next thing I remembered I was meeting and seeing many people but it was not on the earth or so I perceived. I sensed some I knew and I was just taking it all in and then I was meeting some I didn’t know too. I remember everyone was super loving & nice though and happy to see me (not like here on earth at all). I was a bit taken aback and didn’t know how to react to everyone being so sweet and nice and just stood around with a inquisitive look on my face, smiling but pretty silent.

Now next scene I am coming down in that white van and I was with another person from there. This white van had no wings like a plane but could just fly through the air with ease and was supernaturally fast. I believe I was behind the driver’s seat but the van just glided and took us where we needed to be because I didn’t need to steer it or do anything. It was really cool and a supernatural vehicle for sure with a lighted panel. I felt very comfortable and had no fear. The Holy Spirit was in charge here.

Now next I am back on earth again and we were going to different people speaking with them and most did not want to hear what we had to say but we were on a mission.

After a short time I am back in this van and gone, back up to heaven or wherever the assigned place was we were meeting at.

Then I awakened and knew in my spirit that I had an open ladder (symbolically speaking) to go back and forth from heaven to earth or you can call it an open portal. I was reporting what I saw to God and then I would be given another assignment or task and I knew I would be doing this a lot-back and forth. As each assignment was done, I was back up and another would be given to me, with periodic short rest at times.

End of dream

Funny thing and quite ironic really is that I was told by someone named David who is a prophetic seer and he told me I believe it was about a year ago now that I was going to be given a brand new white van, a real nice one and he saw it coming down for me. Someone was bringing it. I asked him if it was an earthly van or heavenly van or what and he was not sure. He said someone is coming to give it to me and I didn’t quite understand what he meant at all at that time. He has a heavy accent and it was a bit hard to understand him but after I got this dream i remembered what he did tell me.

(given to ms sophie on 10/11/2018)


I asked Father where was I and he said in a safe heavenly area (something like that).  I was so afraid of all that love from those people and He mentioned it was because I was never really loved here and I don’t know how to receive it. He spoke in length about it with me but I do remember He has said a few times that I am a “woman of sorrows” and “have been very misunderstood”.

The other part about the vehicle was that it was the Holy Spirit vehicle and it would come down to me and get me and take me by a messenger (being that the Holy Spirit was the driver).  I didn’t have to drive it at all and that I would have power to go back and forth as I do His Will in the end times. (I sensed the vehicle was symbolic and I was being led as His Shining light to do His Will).

I would be sent to different places and then have to go back up and He would give another assignment. I would check up on people, places and instruct and leave and move on; things of that nature along with healings and whatever else He wanted me to do.

The Holy Spirit just now (11/30) reminded me and said “you were a younger version of yourself exuberant with My Power & Light”.

NOTE: I have known who I was for a few years but was NOT allowed to say anything and to remain very low-key, as if I knew nothing, was nothing to anyone and to just be alone with Elohim daily as He needed to prepare me all that time for what I was to be for Him in this day and age. I can’t tell you how honored and what a privilege it is to be chosen by Him and to have had that “alone” time with Him and to be able to serve Him and bring glory to His Name. (Isaiah 60:1)

I am one of the “firstfruits”, of the 144,000

Prophetic Dream: My Heavenly Vehicle Dream (Ms. Sophie)