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I have come to DUST off the particles of earth that abide upon My people. I wipe away the hindering influences which have settled upon you. The DUST of carnality is scattered upon the floor of My house, but it shall be swept clean! The DUST of earthly ambition; the DUST of spiritual competition; the DUST of pride and religious performance shall all be blown away by the Wind of My Spirit. When you come to Me in sincere repentance, I shall be found of you. It is not My intention that My people wallow in the mud of disgrace and failure. I wash you and I sanctify you when you turn to Me with all of your heart. I DUST you off and I cause you to shine in the midst of a dark world. Mine become a reflection of Me, but they are not employed as glittering attractions. Many are drawn to the sensational, the supernatural feats of men. Do you think that I shall be found among the entertainers and those who peddle the spectacular? Mine are not clothed with flamboyance to attract the worldly, circus crowd; they are covered with humility and holiness. The message of My cross does not attract the children of this age, and My miraculous ways are not to be made a spectacle before the people. Some will employ their sacred calling as a means of gain; some will utilize My gifts for their own benefit; from such, withdraw yourself; 1 Timothy 6:5. Do I sell My goods and services for a profit? No, I overturn the tables of the moneychangers! I will cast down the thieves in My house, the seats of those who sell doves. And when I do, the DUST is stirred up, even upon the grounds of the temple; Matthew 21:12; Luke 19:45-47.
The DUST of the carnal mind deceives and beguiles; this is the serpent’s food, what he feeds upon; Genesis 3:14. Focusing upon the lower realm of Dust will soil the garments of My people. I remind you: My people are called to live in the heavenlies, far above the earthly realm. I tell you, I have a foot company in the earth who treads upon the dusty realm of serpents and scorpions! And so I say, seek that which is above; fix your gaze upon Me and My eternal Kingdom, and not the kingdoms of men, which are crumbling even now; their DUST covers the face of the Earth. That which is conceived in the mind of man and is built for his glory: the high places, the idolatrous altars, the images and groves, will be beaten down and broken. And their DUST shall be cast into a brook and carried away; 2 Kings 23:12. Those who carry My message must shake the DUST from off of their feet, if they are not received; Matthew 10:14. The truth is often rejected; why would you seek to make it palatable and tasty to appeal to the masses? The multitudes will gather when their natural appetites are gratified; John 6:2,11, but they will be offended by the demands that lead to eternal life; John 6:61,66. You like honey in the mouth; but the truth is, hearing My Word and walking in obedience to it produces a bitterness in the belly; Rev.10:9-10. Yes, there is sweetness when you eat the scroll, when you taste the Word of Life. But as you digest that Word and live in obedience to it, you will know the bitterness of rejection, misunderstanding and separation from that which you hold dear.
Shake off the DUST of rejection that comes from living in a world that is hostile toward Me. Shake off the DUST of worldly sorrow when you suffer the loss of all things for My sake; Philippians 3:8. Those who pant after the DUST of the earth have turned aside from the way of the meek; Amos 2:7. But I have said, blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth; Matthew 5:5. Those who build their own stronghold, and heap up gold and silver like DUST shall see the devouring fire; Zechariah 9:3. The DUST of worldly comfort settles upon the eyes of the carnal, clouding their vision, causing blindness. The DUST of earthly pursuits causes your focus to be blurred. I counsel you to buy gold tried in the fire, and anoint your eyes with salve that you may see; Revelation 3:18. What is the Lord’s vision you say, and what is His focus? I tell you, My vision and My focus have never changed: I seek and I save them that are perishing; I heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds. I make the lame to walk and the blind to see. I raise up the poor out of the DUST; I lift the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes; 1 Samuel 2:8. Shake off the DUST of anxiety, the cares of this life and the evil reports that arise from this present evil age. These things cling to you, and attach themselves to you, holding you captive to fear, worry and distractions. They clamor for your attention, and turn your focus away from My priority of reaching the lost and making disciples in this hour. Loose yourself from the bands upon your neck, O daughter of Zion! I say arise, put on strength, and your beautiful garments; shake yourself from the DUST of your past failure. Do not allow the enemy of your soul to cover you with a shroud of condemnation.
I tell you, as the whirlwind approaches, the DUST of the earthly realm is stirred up and it shall blow with great intensity. And when a star falls from heaven to the Earth, it creates a great cloud of DUST. And the creatures who dwell in that realm are stirred up. Cover yourself, hide yourself in Me, and you shall not be swayed by the blowing sand, the DUST of fear, and the lying signs and wonders. But even as the tempest blows, so does the prophetic Wind of the Spirit blow, and it breathes life upon the slain. I know how you are formed, and I remember that you are but DUST; Psalm 103:14. And from a place of DUST many shall arise; they shall live and stand upon their feet, and become an exceeding great army; Ezekiel 37:9-10. I tell you, many who sleep in the DUST of the earth shall awaken; some to everlasting life and some to everlasting contempt. And those who are wise shall turn many to righteousness; Daniel 12:2-3.
Once again, I will stretch out My rod and smite the DUST of the land; Exodus 8:16. Judgment upon the wicked comes, the day of upheaval, and they shall cast DUST upon their heads; Lamentations 2:10. When I come forth from My habitation, when I tread upon the high places of the earth, the mountains melt and the land shakes. The idols will be made desolate and the harlot will be stripped naked. Many will roll and wallow in the DUST; Micah 1:10. But to My people I say, stand up! Shake off the DUST of discouragement and defeat. The voice of intimidation shall be silenced and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against you! Those who rise up against My anointed shall be beaten small as DUST before the wind; Psalm 18:42. Have I not said that I shall deliver the poor, save the children of the needy, and break in pieces the oppressor? Shall I not rescue the one who has no helper? Shall not My enemies lick the DUST? Psalm 72:9. Did I not promise that the dead shall live, and their bodies shall rise? You who dwell in the DUST of an earthly existence, wake up and shout for joy! Soon I will say, “Come My people, enter into your chambers, and shut the doors behind you. Hide yourselves for a little while until the indignation has run its course”. Behold, I am about to come forth out of My place; Isaiah 26:19-21.

Terri Hill