5 thoughts on “That Joel Osteen PASTOR Is EVIL? Are You Sure? WATCH THIS! With Steven Bancarz and Josh Peck”

  1. This guy is completely naive. He clearly does not know anything about what the pastors he mentions are teaching and whether it is Biblical. (It isn’t)He seems not to know the Scriptures either or he would never be waffling on in such a way, wasting everyones time with ‘what he thinks’. The is such strong delusion happening on such a grand scale and he is deluded himself. The people he mentions – Joel Osteen, Todd White etc are teaching another gospel. So the people listening are receiving another Jesus. It tickles their ears . They need to repent . That is what we need to pray, that their eyes are opened and they repent. Not change in theology is gonna do it. The reason these people draw such big crowds is they like to hear that they can stay in the world and don’t have to take up their cross and follow that Jesus of the Bible. Sorry. Rant over.

    1. Yes, Alison, everything you said is true – but just think about something…

      Imagine if God’s people cried out in earnest prayer and fasting – for the Holy Spirit to pierce these leader’s hearts with conviction, repentance and truth?

      We pray for many things, this seems like a worthy and noble cause, one that could bring literally millions to repentance! Our God is POWERFUL, and responds to our desperate cries out to Him. He could pour His Spirit out on these leaders and bring forth an awesome transformation of their hearts! Our efforts towards transformation/correction instead of judgement? These people are not irredeemable. This would put our hearts in a better position as well as we would be praying for a wrong to be fixed vs judging (rightfully) that they are preaching a compromised Gospel.

      These pastors have massive followings and if their followers watched the breaking down and transformation of great repentance in their leaders – imagine what a bountiful harvest could come of this? The same Holy Spirit piercing of their hearts would spread like wildfire. Their followers hang on their every word…

      This is within our reach if we could all cry out en masse to our Lord.

      I am adding this to the forefront of my prayers now – that the leaders of the lukewarm churches (particularly the big ones) heart’s will be pierced with the Truth of the Holy Spirit and come to a sorrowful repentance and preach a complete Gospel.

      1. Even if we picked one leader – Joel Olsteen would be as good a start as any – and focussed prayer on him. If many of us made this a priority great things could happen? All revivals start from great repentance! If we truly believe we really in the last days – God will be pouring His Holy Spirit in great measure, I’m sure prayer will effect where it is poured?

      2. Yes Evan, I agree. These leaders need our prayers. And many could be brought to repentance and truly transformed if they saw their pastor humbled . What concerns me is God says he will ‘give them over’ to their delusions. When that point comes, I don’t know. I pray it has not because none of these will be able to see their error after that. We must pray their hearts will be pierced with the truth before they can no longer be. There seems to be a cut off point mentioned in the Scriptures. When God gives them over to ‘what they want’.

        1. I would hope this would be after He pours out His Holy Spirit beyond any previous measure? The great harvest, where revival will burn like a wildfire – sweeping the globe?

          I wonder if “they are given over” after people resist repentance during this great revival where great and miraculous things are evidenced? I don’t know, but hopefully they will get to make a conscious decision to reject Christ after being confronted with God’s Truth and not damned for following unbiblical teacher?

          Anyways, I am going to pray for Joel…

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