3 thoughts on “Vsauce Michael Stevens DEBUNKS FLAT EARTH with FACTS! Sun and Moon! NASA Conspiracy in 2019?”

  1. “”the earth has been spinning for billions of years “—really guys –smh –do some research its flat

      1. I know this Jeff -LOL thats what your guy said ! I became FE only upon saying— FINE– ill just disprove it –its actually completely scriptural –here is a link to 67 refences to the sun moving and not the earth — http://www.fixedearth.com/sixty-seven-references.html ……. here is 60 verses about Gods word describing the earth as NOT moving and the FE model — https://flatearthscienceandbible.com/2016/02/09/60-bible-verses-describing-a-flat-earth-inside-a-dome-2/ it took one day of serous looking at The word and doing serous research –Its a big lie -the heliocentric model was made up by a mason — Nicolaus Copernicus,in the 1600’s-it was so hard for me -i understand -BUT its flat and its VERY easy to prove that its flat –the globe earth model has only been around for 500 years and everybody before that knew it was flat –Gods word is true -NASA and the solar system is a lie -email me if ya want i have a ton of info -love you Jeff and Jesus bless you today dear !!

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