Children why do you test me ? I am the GOD of your father’s. The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Do you know me? I am slow to anger but you continue to test me and push me. You have not repented after I sent you many prophet’s and messengers to warn you of the coming tribulation and judgements. You laugh at their warnings, in doing this you laugh at me. You mock them, in doing this you mock me . You call them liars and false prophet’s. You will die in your sin for doing this . You are unable to control your tongue. You are unable to control your own wicked behavior. I have been testing YOU! You will call on me soon and beg forgiveness. Behold, my wrath and judgements are UPON YOU and your nation. Babylon will burn.


2 thoughts on “WHY DO YOU TEST ME? – GODSHEALER7”

  1. Maybe no one cares,but i have a identity card…nothing strange here but the interesting part is the expiry date of my document,April 7th 2019.

    Sister Barbara always repeats at the end of each video that she will continue her prophecy channel until April 6th 2019.

    Maybe it’s a coincidence,maybe it’s a confirmation.I have to wait only 5 months to see what happens.

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