Dream of a nine-year-old kid: The land of America was split, A major earthquake of magnitude 10 or more struck

This is Ruth Smith from China. There was a nine years old kid dreamed of the land of the United Sates was split, and a major earthquake of magnitude 10 or more struck. It was in Chinese, and since this is about America, so I translated it into English and share with you all:

November,13th,2018,3:00 in the early morning

(Elijah’s children’s fellowship——Dream of a nine-year-old kid)


I saw horror movie was being made in a studio. A director was directing the actors how to act. Suddenly a flash of lightning with fire fall from the sky — and with a crack, it seemed to split the United States in half.

In a rich family, I saw somebody was pushing a wheelchair, there was a 14 years old girl sat on it. She believes in God, because there was a cross on her chest, she foreboded the disaster, then she began to pray. When the lightning struck, the servants who had pushed her wheelchair, they ran away. The little girl had to use a wheelchair because she was lame. But I saw she stood up after praying, and continued to pray.

 On the earth, those who believe in God turned into a golden light, (soul and spirit) went into the heavenSome panic people were crushed to death or hit to death. There are earthquakes, tornadoes, lightning, it was raining and also blowing a hurricane, about dozens of pounds of heavy hail fell from the sky, many people were crushed to death, very scary. I saw four more high buildings collapsed just in three seconds. There was a lot of black wind blowing in the distance, and it kept flying randomly. I also saw a map, and on the map, the United Sates area turned into black.

 There was fire burning, and on the ground, an oil tanker overturned and caught fire. And tornadoes stick to fire, turn into red fire tornadoes, fire tornadoes burned every building. In most parts of America, the buildings on the ground were all gone, and I saw all were dead, except a few who believe in God.

 Those who believe in God were keeping praying in tongues, because there were Bibles in their hands, so I knew they were believers, including the old, the middle-aged and young children. They foreboded the disaster that came. Some were holding Bible and kept praying. Then I saw their bodies were gone, all turned into light, broke through the clouds and went into the heaven.

 The rest were burned to death. There were dead bodies everywhere in the United Sates. Those buildings were all burned including those movie studios. These earthquakes have never been seen before, a major earthquake of magnitude 10 or 16 (I’m not sure). All four skyscrapers collapsed in about three secondsEven the statue of liberty went straight into the sea. The ocean water and tide came up, like a pot of porridge. Then came the earthquake, the hail, the rain, the snow, the tornadoes, the floods, and a lot of natural disasters all added up, worse than anything we’ve ever seen, way beyond imagination.

 Before I had this dream, I had dreamed the rich family was in this dream tonight. They were watching TV and it was reported that the United States recently has a magnitude 11 plus earthquake, please evacuate all of the people of whole country as soon as possible. Many people did not believe that the disaster would be so severe, no one believed this, except those who believe in God. Those who believe in God did not panic, because they trust in God, they have ways to escape the disaster. Those who don’t believe in God, they all died the next day.

 Jesus was with me to watch these visions of the end together. Jesus told me these phenomena will happen in the future, HE hopes us to pray more, to read Bible more, so that the country I am in would be better than the United Sates. America has the largest number of horror movies in the world, and they are also the best shot. They like to make horror movies, also mix and bring in many, many bad cultures in the movies, and then the disaster will be very serious.


Original Chinese Version:




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  1. Thanks so much for your very inspired comments! No, you didn’t lose me, & as near as I understand at the moment, we seem to be in agreement of your thoughts on Revelations 12, for in fact, at the time of that visionary experience, I was a prayer partner with Jesus’ wife, Linda, the mother of His holy manChild Sons, the true end-times ‘Queen of Heaven’ of Jesus’ Revelations 12 ministry, one of the ‘2 Witnesses’. Jesus says the term ‘2 Witnesses’ actually refers to those two who have personally witnessed more about the Revelations 12 ministry than anyone else, tho I am also a direct ‘fellow witness’ to it, & also know both of the 2 Witnesses. You can read further on all of this awesome revelation at prophecies.org at The Mountain Prophecies site, as especially revealed in Book 12. I was the one in her writings who was traveling with her, on the birthing night of Jesus’ Son, Emilio, the holy ChristChild, as Satan was constantly before us watching for a chance to devour the holy Child, if he could, as told about in Rev 12:5. I was also given to walk with the new holy Babe after his birth, in the visionary experience as reported there, & as far as we know, the only one on the N. American continent for a while who had personally seen or walked with Emilio. There have been other holy ChristChildren since, but Emilio is Jesus’ first born. As you say, few can handle these things yet, & most still react in unbelief to the deeper things of the True Gospel. As a first-hand witness to these incredible Truths, Jesus once commissioned a certain chainsaw artist to slice out a cross-cut section of a log up in the Lake Tahoe area, & the man reported that Jesus guided his hands to help make the cut perfectly in such a way as to expose a natural picture of a 5-point star formed on the inside of the log. He then sanded it & carved the Words Jesus gave him to write on the face of it- “A STAR IS BORN”. You can read more about these revelations at her site, & about the end-times ‘5 additional suns’ manifesting in our sky, already starting. It is my ‘commemorative gift’ of the Kingdom that testifies to my participation & witness of the awesome Kingdom affairs already coming to earth. Thanks. rick

  2. This line caught my eye- “Then I saw their bodies were gone, all turned into light, broke through the clouds and went into the heaven.” At a time of so much worry & concern about what is coming, I thought it might be helpful to testify to my own confirmation experience of the truth told in this one line, as encouragement to others who may be watching & pondering over these Words. About 8 years ago the Lord gave me an awesome ‘living experience’ that was far more than a mere dream/vision. I got out of bed & walked to my bedroom window to see the full moon hanging low in the southern hemisphere. My focus was on watching the moon as thin wispy clouds passed by, veiling the view. Then a clearing came in the clouds & the moon was plainly seen all alone in the night sky, with only a small twinkling star right next to her on the lower left side. Suddenly a bright beam of light came down directly from that star & encircled me all around in the room, exactly as a spot light would. The Light was so intense that it felt like every cell in my body was immediately energized. It seemed like only a few split 10ths of a second went by when I thought to myself that if this Light continues, my entire body would instantly be transformed! After what seemed like about 3 or 4 mere 10ths of a second, the Light stopped before any lasting change occurred. Needless to say, I was left wide awake, & immediately sat up in bed, wondering what all of that was about!? After hearing my testimony, an Apostle friend of mine revealed that she knew the Lord had given me a foretaste preview of His second coming for the Bride, when He takes His own to the Grand Heavenly Wedding Celebration. Since then, many have pondered over the meaning of the ‘full moon’ in this live conscious experience, trying to fix a date to the rapture event. Personally, I have wondered if the full moon represents the full ripe & ready spiritual condition of the first fruits Bride more than any physical date? Yet, it is encouraging to know the Lord has a Way already planned out. Rick

    1. Rick,
      Since my ability to read comments is still limited, this has been the first time I’ve been able to read what you shared. Very cool experience with The Light. Something similar happened to me but instead of a bright Light the experience involved a form of electricity – this was back in 2016. Maybe it’s time I take that from written format into audio format.

      There are very few people I have ever shared it with because where The Supernatural is concerned, the majority of the world is still asleep and most would rather stay “comfortable” and lukewarm than experience even a fraction of The Holy Spirit and the coming Holy Spirit Outpouring/Latter Rain.

      If I am understanding your description above correctly, The Full Moon you mentioned points to and confirms one of the effects of Revelation 12. I find it really interesting that you saw this Moon hanging low in the Southern Hemisphere because as I have continued digging into Scripture and with Greek and Hebraic Word studies, I have been praying for confirmation over whether there is a connection to The Revelation 12 Woman also being one and the same as The Queen of the South – in which case your awake experience lends some credibility to it.

      What you felt (like every cell in your body was energized was HOW The Holy Spirit will come upon his sheep to change the dna into glorified form – see the photo on the 2019 economist cover) would amount to a microscopic fraction of what each of those sheep/servants who are part of the Joel 2 army will have to go through when the FULL on transfiguration process – of which you described above – occurs.

      Hope I haven’t totally lost you…Be Blessed, Brother!

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