Dream: Putin Plays Chess with American Generals – Marty Breeden


Originally, I wasn’t going to share this….but feel like I need to.

But I had a very troubling dream last night….so we need to pray!

I saw Vladimir Putin meeting with what appeared to be American Military leadership, on American soil!
It was very surreal because I looked all around for President Trump, but I did not see him.

I thought “Why are these American Military Leaders and Generals meeting with Vladimir Putin WITHOUT OUR PRESIDENT???

I then noticed that Putin asked the Generals to set down and play a game of Chess with them.

They tried, but one after one, he amply defeated them…
YET……it seemed as though they were not at all bothered about their defeat!
In fact, when he would beat them, he would laugh out loud ….and sadly ..so would the American Military as they seemed MORE THAN WILLING to capitulate!!!!!

It was then I noticed the skies full of Fighters Jets….and EVERY ONE of them were RUSSIAN!!!!

I awoke…….


2 thoughts on “Dream: Putin Plays Chess with American Generals – Marty Breeden”

  1. Brother Marty, I believe you. I’ve had similiar dreams of US generals and russian generals walking side by side discussing plans i was not aware of what they were talking about but the Lord said vladimir putin is the King of the North of Jere 50/51. They have sold us out completely. Lower ranking officers and troops will not know they are being betrayed. The more we understand this is not our home the but the Kingdom of heaven is our home. I have seen black heavy lift helicopters carrying equipment and tanks by the hundreds thru a snowy valley low flying in between mountains where comms is hard to get. I was not made aware where this valley was. I had this dream right after the following days right after trump was smashed by a hammer and the antichrist came on the scene. Peace of CHRIST.

  2. satan is the god of this world with a little g so it is not hard to believe that all have sold out a long time ago. I have always thought that Putin viewed the world as a giant chess board. More and more we need to come to the understanding that this world is not our home and we were born at this time in history for a reason. Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived as The Word of God tells us. And satan knows his time is short, he has great wrath. We need to be locked and loaded and by that I mean, eyes locked on Jesus and loaded with the power of The Holy Spirit.

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