3 thoughts on “My End-time Army Cannot Be Stopped! – Julie Whedbee”

  1. Blessed Sister Julie. What a wonderful love gift you are from our Great King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Many years ago I was talking to the Lord about Rev. 1:7, how will every eye see You? His answer, “When we all stand up a many membered body…”. Hallelujah what a wonderful conformation you just provided! Deep calls unto deep. Thank you wonderful Sister!!!

  2. Dearest Sister Julie,
    Thank you. There are so few voices that I get to hear that resonate within my Spirit as yours does. Mid- way through your message, I began to weep like a baby. I stand with you and our brethren in prayer – for the lost, the lukewarm, the wounded and the weary. I plead with The Ruach Hakodesh for more souls to choose Jesus in the closing moments of this age.

    May Elohim’s WILL BE DONE and May each of us be ready for that which we have been purposed – for such a time as this. May His Kingdom Come on Earth as it IS in Heaven.
    In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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