The Great Southern Land – Renee P

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Message received 25th November 2018 at 1:11pm

Burn Burn Burn.

This summer the country will burn down to the ground. Fire will rage on the sun burnt country.

I will rain terror as My protection has lifted from the Land. For the southern lands will be engulfed in flames, the highlands shall see the worst of the blaze. People must escape early and not stay and fight for I will ravage the mountain sides. All will know that I have bought My judgement to bear on a nation that this year turned it’s back on Me in voting for sodomites.

I will not allow the savages of this land to win. For they must know that The Lord Almighty has a path of distraction planned to recompense for evils brought to this land. I Am wroth with a land that turned its back on Me.

In the last financial crisis Australia dodged a bullet but not this time. A crash is coming and the land down under will feel it full force as a crash will bring down even the richest in the land. They will finally turn and pay attention to who is in control of all things. They will pray when the water dries up for it will be vengeance for all that has been taken.

Many now no longer know Me. I will teach them all what is of Me. For the country may sing ‘for we are one but we are many’, however; the Land will not stand together as one, for much longer. Divides will increase. Hostilities will divide and the storm of madness comes crashing down. 
The land of peace shall be no longer as protests of unlawfulness will come to reign.

Jeremiah chapter 7

Renee P at 4:25 PM


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  1. I concur on every point. I live on the eastern seaboard with the bush/ woods directly across the road. It has been over twenty years since the last big fire here and the fuel on the ground is deep and tinder dry. At the close of winter we had a fire south of here that was swept along by the westerly winds and had caused deaths and property losses. It was only 29C that day, what happens when it gets to 45C?

    Those stupid fools who voted for marriage equality were not considering the ramifications of flying in the face of the Almighty God. Now we as a country will pay dearly and most won’t ever see the correlation.

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