Dancing in Post-apocalyptic Ruins “The Joy Of The Lord is my strength.” – Only a Grain of Sand

This is a vision that I have had off and on for thirty years, and have received it both interiorly and exteriorly as a short movie. I think it will come to fruition shortly, now is the time to bring it forward.

On the surface it looks inconsequential, and maybe even a little crazy. But it has a lot of layers and is highly symbolic. I believe it is more than figurative as we must inspire others who are not right with The Lord for the six weeks after the Judgement of The Warning Experience (some call it the Second Pentecost) comes and before Three Days Of Darkness bring His Final Wrath. First the vision and then the interpretation.

I am in a city that has already been partially destroyed, alone. The dust has settled. It is any big city, anywhere in the world. Happening in full daylight, all the windows are smashed out, charred ruins, dust, garbage, smoke everywhere. There are no people on the street, total silence. Anyone alive is hiding. In a white robe, I am dancing down the middle of the street, in joy and abandon, with great strides of strength and grace. This is not a shake-your-booty dance. But a dance of Hope, Praise, and Overcoming. With eyes on the Glory of The Lord. “The Joy Of The Lord is my strength.”

Now my viewpoint switches, to someone watching me dance. Up on a second floor of a building facing the street, as the sheer soiled curtains flap in the breeze, a pair of eyes follows me in amazement and shock. Their position is one of peeking out of the corner of the window as if they didn’t want anyone to see them. Such is their fear. Their spirits are uplifted, fears and paranoia settled. They now have some hope to survive this disaster of Biblical proportions. I continue to dance and go out of frame. End of Story.

The interpretation is simple and self-evident but the underlying meaning contains the following:
1. What we do affects everyone around us and everyone human in this world. We are all God’s children, were created at the same moment. We are all spirit and all connected together for better or worse.

What we do to the least of the Brothers and Sisters we do to all, and will affect all.

  1. We don’t go to Heaven alone, we either go with our Brothers and Sisters or we don’t go at all.
    3. Whatever our personal fears are in what is coming, in the Judgements and Final Wrath of God, we had better work together, to get us through this ‘Passion Play’.
    4. Many people will be extremely isolated, when the full brunt of the Tribulation develops. We must keep our ‘Peace of Mind’ now and stay in it day and night. This means staying right with The Lord, sin free, with a clear conscience at all times. That pair of eyes that stared at me from behind the curtains were lost. Whether they knew The Lord or not, I could feel the extreme loneliness they were experiencing. We had all better do our part to save our Brothers and Sisters, during the days ahead.
  2. The white robe is a stain-free garment of the overcomer, of those who have chosen The Lord and readied their lives as part of the Bride Of Christ. But some will return to Earth and are privileged to work for the Final Harvest in glorified bodies. The wearer of this white robe must be sin-free.
    6. To Dance Is To live!

    January 11, 2019

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  1. Greetings,
    The “interpretation” number 2 above is Scripturally wrong; there are not “group rates” for salvation or “team salvation”; it is not Biblically accurate to to say what was stated above:

    2. “We don’t go to Heaven alone, we either go with our Brothers and Sisters or we don’t go at all.”

    WRONG . . . We INDIVIDUALLY must have our hearts and lives in right standing with the LORD. If one of your siblings-in-CHRIST takes the mark of the beast, that doesn’t mean all who were associated with that person goes to hell.

    We must pray about every post that’s put up in the name of the LORD, including mine. Let the Holy Spirit confirm and/or bring TRUTH.
    Linda Hasche (BelieveActs2)

  2. This was sent in from the author…

    What the Lord has given me and have many many confirmations. Sequence:
    The Warning happens after Kick-Off Event (how long after I do not know) but there is already financial disaster, famine, riots in EU/USA.
    So the The Warning happens then 6 weeks (approx.) where the unsaved can change their minds and come to The Lord. YES Or NO!
    Then they will get their system back-up (satellites/chip imposition/military on-top/WWIII). War starts after Mr. ___ is assassinated!
    That’s when we will go to the Refuges, and all humanity have to play the game or die/be hunted down/imprisoned.
    After the 3 1/2 yrs (speeded up by God: we are now at a 15-16 hour day no-longer 24 hrs) then the 3 Days Of Darkness comes as the Comet system comes back and slams into the ocean (some say Atlantic some say Pacific).
    Everyone goes up that are saved but the others are incinerated. THEN ERA OF PEACE STARTS! After God brings down the New J.
    As far as the Rapture goes no-Pre-Tribulation but some are taken by God at The Warning (we are already inside the 7 years period), who are saints but do not have to stay for the second half of The Tribulation. So it is a Mid-Tribulation for some.
    Now here is a point.
    The Three Days Of Darkness may also have a Part I at The Warning as the Comet system passes by on it’s 1st close-call we will have to stay-inside (with blacked-out windows) because the air will be toxic and demons will have come with the heat, fire/gasses.
    Some have said The Three Days Of Darkness happens in February on an even year, So it could happen Feb. 2020 *.
    During 2019 the USA will implode slowly and people had better pray for Mr. T. cause if they don’t Mr. O will come back and finish his job and the USA will die faster.
    It breaks my heart that American that say they are Christian hate Mr. T.
    He may not be the best man but God The Father put him there to try and slow down the process and if the people supported him in prayer to save America. I am not democratic or republican, some want to see America die, this is evil intention and sin.
    Sorry for going on for so long.
    * I do not think it can happen after that as The Anti-C. is itching to get on the Throne and society internationally is imploding fast!

    1. We read in Genesis 19:22, “Haste thee, escape thither; for I cannot do any thing till thou be come thither.” These words were spoken by the angel whom God had sent to reign down fire and brimstone upon Sodom and Gomorrah. No judgment could fall upon Sodom, until Lot and his family were removed. Likewise, the Church will be Translated (Raptured) away from this sin-cursed world before the Tribulation. The Word of God clearly teaches a Pretribulation Rapture, which means that the Church will be caught away from the earth before the destruction begins.

      Saints Leaving at the Rapture; Coming back at the Second Coming

      1st Thessalonians 4:16-18 plainly states that the Church will be LEAVING the earth. In sharp contrast, the Word of God clearly states in Jude 1:14, “And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints.” Enoch prophesied about the Second Coming of Christ, way back in Genesis. So 1st Thessalonians 4:16-18 clearly cannot be referring to the same event as Jude 1:14. It would be absurd to say that Jesus is going to return FOR His saints, while at the same time COMING to establish His Millennial Kingdom. Why would Jesus remove us from the earth if he’s coming to the earth at the same time? It’s common sense folks.


  3. Dancing in Post-apocalyptic Ruins……Wonderful. And a call for all of God’s children to stay alert and to fix our eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Thanks for sharing.

    1. What I liked about this post was Joy in the midst. Regardless of the rest it reminds me that in His presence is fullness of joy and no matter where you are, what is happening all around you, we can still have peace and joy if we stay in His presence.

  4. What is this “the six weeks after the Judgement of The Warning Experience (some call it the Second Pentecost) comes and before Three Days Of Darkness bring His Final Wrath”? I have been reading my bible for many years and never come across this.

  5. My focus here was centered on the supernatural ‘JOY of the Lord’ that gives us His strength. And yes, without His holy presence in us, we are just a grain of sand, or a speck of dust. We know- “I can do all things thru Christ which strengthens me”. For those who know the meaning of this, REJOICE; but this comment is for those Believers who are still in the discovery stage, seeking the tangible anointing of the Lord, something you can know & feel! I called it supernatural because you cannot buy it, or earn it, for it is a holy Spirit gift of the Lord to the serious seeker. It’s so sad to see so many Believers today that think they have the Spirit of God, because they’ve been indoctrinated to believe they do, but don’t really have a clue about it, no first-hand experience. I grew up in a dead church just like that, where there is no power. No power means something like this- that many of the ministers & their wives died of cancer & sicknesses. Can you see the writing on the wall with that? Remember- “And the Blind & the lame came to Him in the temple, and He healed them”, & in another place it says- “And He healed all of those who came to Him”. But unfortunately, today, many still think that the ‘JOY’ the bible talks about is that happy, warm, fuzzy, loving feeling you get when all the family gathers together at Christmas to enjoy a slice of hot apple pie & a cocktail or two, right?
    A couple of years ago my beloved Mom went to the ER with a brain hemorrhagic stroke. I’m a prayer intercessor, & that means I pray for forgiveness of the sins of everybody I can, not only in my family, but worldwide. Mom became a front-burner issue at the time, as you can imagine. On my way to the hospital for the first visit, the holy Presence of the Lord fell on me in that supernatural anointing. I was overwhelmed in his powerful JOY! The Lord explained to me later that this JOY is my strength to do anything in Him; ya, even to dance in the streets of apocalyptic destruction!! I needed this gift just to maintain during this ordeal. As I drove to the CCU I was so Joyful under that anointing that I sang praise & worship songs to the Lord with all my heart, so JOYFUL to be alive, to be loved by God, & to be in His holy Presence! That JOY is indescribable, not for a minute thinking of my Mom’s misfortune, but rather her glorious future with the Lord. There was NO SORROW left in me whatsoever, just JOY in the Lord! And then, as I pulled into the hospital parking lot, I began to realize I better tone this Joy down a bit, for people are not going to understand why I’m rejoicing & singing hymns at the same time of my Mom’s critical condition? But the miracles kept coming! As I walked in the room, Mom looked up at me from her bed & with a big smile said- “Hi Rick!” Somehow I was given an exceptional miraculous gift that nobody else in my family could ever figure out, an entire additional last week together & alone with my beloved Mom! Every night I met her there & we talked, & she jabbered, and I prayed over her, & sometimes we just sat and held hands & listened to the soft music. The rest of the family all thought she was brain dead & unconscious, & so they got together in their doctor meetings & discussed what to do, finally all voting to ‘pull the plug’ on her. I would tell them of our wonderful visits together in the late evenings, yet they must have thought I was going insane? Somehow, the Lord gave me a miracle of special ‘awake time’ spent with Mom, a time to say goodbye, far beyond what the rest of the family ever saw? In other words, I danced right thru the entire episode of her stay in CCU, right in the face of death, in great JOY, in prayer with rejoicing, & thankfulness. Physical happiness can’t do that, nor is it a gift of the holy Spirit. rick

    1. Excellent example Rick of the Joy of The Lord. I have experienced similar events and unless a person walks in it they cannot understand. Thanks for sharing. The Joy of The Lord is indeed our strength.

  6. Excuse me but we are not all children of God. We are the creation of God but children are only the believers in Jesus. Of course we are saved to save and most of the christians don’t care. Often I hear the word: we pray…but prayer without Evangelisation is pregnance without birth. So many say also: we musst live right, that people can see….excuse me, there are Buddhist or Muslims we live much better than many christians and if you don’t open your mouth to witness about your hope, most of the people will go and go everyday to hell.

  7. I would like to know about the 6 weeks reference. What is the order of events? What does this mean? The word said:

    “I believe it is more than figurative as we must inspire others who are not right with The Lord for the six weeks after the Judgement of The Warning Experience comes and before Three Days Of Darkness bring His Final Wrath. First the vision and then the interpretation.”

    Is this the order of events from the word above?
    1. Judgement of The Warning Experience [comic event in the sky?]
    2. Six Weeks of inspiring others [time of trial]
    3. Three days of darkness
    4. Final Wrath

    Is this what is being said?

    1. Hi Tim, I wonder about the same thing. I don’t think our question will be answered. Beware of things that are not in the bible.

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