Depression – Cheryl Adama

Whoever will seek Me and yield up their lives to Me will not suffer what the world has diagnosed as depression and all other mental disorder.  This is a lie and trap that has gripped hearts and minds and is of the enemy of God. 

When a soul feeds on darkness, on what is negative, much of this is easily done by what is accepted as entertainment and has been normalized they fill up with the building blocks of mental anguish.  How many come to Me to seek healing from the maladies of the mind?  I am the one who has created the human mind and I also see all things and know all things who better to be the one who can remedy what has been weakened?  Instead, you have the tormented run to and fro for the answer from man!  They give medication to dull the mind and only create greater dependency and vulnerability to the power spirit of heaviness.  This is a great and vast lie where many who call Me as their Lord and depend on Me to be their Savior are not true in what they say they believe.  They do not understand, or put themselves in the position to understand who I AM when they depend upon man and the world for only what I can heal.   Today it is about convenience and in this develops laziness to search and seek after Me.   You cannot take what the world offers and also pray to Me for help.  You must pray and seek Me in all things and above all things and I will answer your prayers.  My answers are not your answers they are beyond what you have asked for they are complete.  I will go to the places where I see need My attention and will work.  Understand that as you submit to Me which is to be in humble of heart and to take your eyes, mind and heart off of yourself – this is the place where you will receive from Me.  This is the place where I will be able to direct you and reveal specifically to you what has been the culprit to your depression and mental distress.  In truth this condition is rampant today because this world has become so self seeking in that there is the continual preoccupation with I, Me and My.  When anyone looks to themselves continually there will be consequence and one of the outcomes is depression.  Depression is the powerhouse that will eventually lead into one or more of the off shoots of mental disorder.  in self seeking there will come envy where you will have all kinds of confusion and evil will exist and take over.   My Spirit will always produce what brings health and wholeness to the soul body and mind in spirit.   And they are love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness and faithfulness in essence all that is good is of My fruit.    This kind of fruit is the evidence of My presence and power in souls that will snuff out any force that seeks to depress and torment.   Do not confuse this with trouble and tribulation that My vessels will go through with depression.  For many believe that the depression they are under has something to do with My will!  Depression is the result of walking in one’s own will and not in My will, it is the evidence of such and comes from within – out of your own heart.   Trials and tribulation that comes upon My Saints come from without BECAUSE they walk in My Will and they are able to remain joyful and even sing praises to Me though they be locked in prisons with thanksgiving!  The two are distinctly different in nature. The degree that depression has come over this world is in step with the degree of wickedness that has also consumed it.  As is there is no understanding and sense to the necessity of being a Holy people, set apart to Me.   Depression and all mental disorders are the result of not being Holy unto the Lord.  For then what is unclean will contaminate and infect the heart, mind and soul.  I am to be your first Love.  I will sustain all who would commit to seek Me and to Love Me with all their heart.  I will cut down all that would seek to destroy those who are Mine with eyes that are full off love and jealousy for My own!  Those who are wanderers, who like to also seek love elsewhere which is to walk with divided hearts toward Me – I will not fight for and so they are given over to what they seek after.  Look with your eyes and hear with your ears so you may grasp what I speak!   How dare masses – who call themselves Mine, make excuse for mental torment as though being some sort of disease that the victims have no choice to be recipient of!   For they do not know Me when they speak such lies!  How dare those put the power of My Holy Spirit under their shame to nullify Him to the lost and dying world!  They do not know how close they are to blaspheming the Holy Spirit!  My Son has come to set free ALL who would desire – and then you have those who hold onto their diagnoses like it is some sort of badge of excuse to not look and examine their own hearts.  People, I talk to those who are living with any mental disordered mind – throw down your dependence upon man, their philosophy and prescription for these.  They are what will hold you in the prison YOU have put yourself in.  Oh but do not do this if you do not want to follow after Me, for I will not take you seriously if you do not take Me seriously.  In fact, if you will only offer Me your words, though they be sincere, and not offer Me your heart also, you put yourself at great danger if you dare step out in this (pride) and ignorance, for the enemy is moving about looking to whom he may devour.   I would ask this, are you willing to give up what I will tell you to?  Are you willing to leave what I will tell you to leave?  You must understand that there is a cost to all who would seek and live in the freedom, peace and joy I promise.  It is the cost of your very life, in that you are willing to lay it down and not live to serve it any longer.   When this is true, I will take what has been broken, tormented and beaten down and will give new life, hope and purpose that will give you the power to walk from out of the darkness and into My Light.   Do not look back, to remember what was for this too is a trap – only look ahead and on what is which is the way, the truth and the life and He is My Son, hope everlasting.

 This is A Word From The Lord.


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  1. What an incredible Word! My personal testimony goes along with this Word perfectly. Back in the late 90’s I went thru a spiritual awakening & the result brought change to my entire life. Not only did I voluntarily give up watching any TV, the change included the entire order of my entire life. I filed for divorce from a non-believing wife, & then released ownership of our home & grocery store business over to her, & walked away with only my personal work truck, belongings, & work tools. I moved far away out of state, & started life over in a fresh new area, with a brand new job, & for the first time in my life began attending a Spirit-led church. After a few more months I was baptized, & shortly after that, received a holy Spirit filling. So when the Lord said above- “I will be able to direct you and reveal specifically to you what has been the culprit..” I can testify that to be absolutely true, as this change progressed! Notice where He said- “Whoever will seek Me and yield up their lives to Me will not suffer what the world has diagnosed as depression and all other mental disorder.” With this short testimony, it should be obvious to anyone by the evidence I’m sharing, that I entered into a serious mode of major change! Depression was no part of this picture! For the Lord also said above, that if you get serious with ME, then I will get serious with you. Shortly after all of the above steps in my new walk, I began to discover a little more about the Lord’s calling over my life, and began to receive some Words, dreams, & spiritual experiences. After a few more years of walking like this, & seeking Him daily, the Lord brought me into personal association with one of His beloved apostle/prophets who moved in the Spirit realm, & agreed to pray for me over the phone. All of her deliverance & healing prayers were done from thousands of miles away, but in the spirit, it makes no difference. First, as she prayed, Jesus delivered me of several addictions that had plagued my life, and she described the Angel of the Lord that came to help, as she saw Him arrest & drag the demons of addiction down into the pits of hell! Another time, Jesus healed me as she prayed over my spinal injuries, for I had become bed-ridden & disabled due to herniated disc lower back damage. As she prayed, Jesus sent an Angel to touch my back, & I could actually feel the discs in my back ‘inflate’ & move around as the healing began. After about 30 seconds, she asked me if I could get up & walk yet? The healing only took a few seconds, and sure enough, I could run, walk, & jump again! Oh, what a Joyful time we had! -and all from thousands of miles away! -Praise God! Then one day she said she wanted to pray over my health in general, & as she proceeded, she could see an Angel working on my heart, then he moved to clean something out my brain, where I had noticed trouble with certain memory loss, & as she prayed she reported to me that she could see the Angel cleaning out ‘globs’ of black gooie slimy stuff from my head & body, apparently poisons of some kind? The pic of the brain above reminded me of my healing. And I’ve had many other personal healings since. So I am a witness to all, as it says here, if we get serious about making changes, so will the Lord also get serious about helping us! rick

    1. What a wonderful, faith-building testimony! Glory to our Lord! He is able. He came to set the captives free!

  2. Excellent! I agree. To me, depression is spiritual in nature and may even be a “dark spirit”. We can actually fight it and pray it away and not focus on ourselves, but instead choose to have love, peace, joy, forgiveness, faith, positivity, etc. If we constantly dwell on our hurts, pain and disappointments, to the point of always looking inward…it opens the door to darkness, and if we succumb to the darkness, it will take a person deeper and deeper down a black hole, to the point of despondency and for some…even suicide. That’s what Satan wants for us. Death, not just physically, but spiritually.
    And if that person is on strong meds, that will keep them in bondage and not allow them to have God and His Word heal them. The meds themselves can become a gateway to a darker place. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ that…”He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a SOUND MIND!” And if one feels discouraged, they should do as David did! He encouraged himself and stirred up himself to praise and worship the Lord, dispelling any darkness!

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