Donald Trump is a JUDGEMENT, not a blessing. – Mary Fitzgerald Rodriguez

I had just finished replying to a comment on one of my earlier posts when the Holy Spirit started pouring words into my spirit. Then I heard the Lord God say….

“WRITE IT daughter. Exactly as you hear it. It is crucial and deperate for people to come to the knowledge of My truth. I am giving the wisdom they need to understand. “.
This is what HE says,. ….
Donald Trump is a JUDGEMENT, not a blessing. God has placed him in power as a judgment against a fallen church and nation. God has placed him to do harm and not good. You argue, “but he is better than Hillary. ”
Listen!!! Could Hillary have deceived the “church”? Of course not because they knew she was a snake…. But Trump has done more spiritual damage than Hillary ever could. He is a two headed snake…
He and his spiritual advisors, including the Pope-loving apostate evangelists, have managed to deceived, if it were possible, even the elect. They have led millions to believe false prophecies and doctrines. They have attacked the very True Remnant of God who were not led astray by their promises of peace and prosperity. His ties to the Jesuits and Freemasonry are only part of his blighted history.
“Christians ” would not have accepted Hillary and maybe would have prayed more and sought truth and Holy Spirit guidance. But instead, they believed a deadly lie and are following and defending one more dangerous.
The fat , lazy and selfish church deserves judgment… And Trump is one of it’s judgments….to be tempted and see how quickly it took the snare, indeed showing its true character. Dangerous it is to one’s soul to be so easily misled!
The evil putrid foul murderous nation also deserves judgment and it will also surely come!


8 thoughts on “Donald Trump is a JUDGEMENT, not a blessing. – Mary Fitzgerald Rodriguez”

  1. There is only one thing to do now. Fall on our faces before almighty God and repent. Repent, and seek the Lord while He may be found.

  2. What is interesting is how this relates to Star Wars. The Jedi fell for the Senator Palpatine. Then helped him become Chancellor and then helped him become Emperor with a clone armor. It was all used to destroy the Jedi.

  3. similar to what geert said, I thought he was the better choice…so much so, I didn’t really pray and press in; I thought it was a ‘no brainer’. and voting for the libertarian would only help Hillary win. (Lord I repent and ask forgiveness.) Only God knows the heart, but scripture says you will know them by their fruit. I don’t see the fruit of salvation with trump–the opposite. he may not be ‘evil’, like the other choice, but like this Word says, the end effect may be much much worse. America will never be great again, imo, and the judgements have already started and will continue.

  4. I agree the christians fell for him hook line and sinker.
    I liked him but later I had doughts about him.
    Specially when a prophet woman prayed for him, not going into names.
    But that made me wearry.
    If he is a real christian he will not divide the Holy land.
    That is a give away who he really is

    1. Yes, that is going to be a big giveaway, and yet another way God is going to wake up and/or separate.

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