“I want them to see how totally they are NOT paying attention.” – Katherine Lehman

January 15, 2019
I have noticed the moon’s very odd behavior for weeks, if not months, and it’s really had me wondering. Lately, I’started talking to our Father about it.
As you all know, as the moon progresses through its phases each month, normally it does so standing up (vertical) with the lightening, and then the darkening, progressing from right to left. It has always been so.
But in these recent times I’ve noticed the moon gradually seeming to lay over on its back as it moves through its phases, quite visibly so when it’s not fully light or fully dark, or obscured by clouds.
Now, I remember, as likely so do you, when the moon shifted about 90 degrees on its horizontal axis several years back. Most seemed not to notice, and when LA Marzulli contacted the Griffith Observatory in the mountains of southern California, the officials there denied anything had happened. Photos, however, taken before and after, prove that lie.
We know signs in the moon relate to the nation of Israel, as least when they appear over Israel. When I’ve looked at the internet moon phase sites they all show the moon as it’s supposed to be
Late the night of January 13 I actually got quiet to see if the Father would tell me what He’s saying in this.
He replied, “Child, I will tell you, since you have asked Me. It is to awaken the sleeping masses to the lateness of the hour. I want them to see how totally they are NOT paying attention. The ways of the world have lulled them into a hypnotic trance state. They believe they are awake, aware, and all is normal…but that is a lie, straight from the pit. They are missing an incredible sight right in front of their faces.”
I then asked Him if it was important to know if there was a natural cause; was there an unnoticed celestial body, for instance, shading the moon, and He said, “No.”
I started praying in the Spirit, and being very tired, soon fell asleep. Sorry, Papa.
The morning of January 14 I went back before the Father, asking what He was saying in this.
He said, “I’m saying this is a sign and a wonder, pointing to what is coming.”
I asked if it was important that the moon has seemed to be gradually falling over on its back each evening; last night it appeared to be almost flat on its back.
He told me to look up the first mention of “a sign and a wonder.” It occurs in the Deuteronomic curses of chapter 28 verses 46-68. Since we know these curses apply to ALL peoples who rebel against His commands, I asked Him if this warning applied to the U.S. right now.
He replied, “Yes, the U.S. and Israel specifically at this time.”
I then asked Him if the red Christmas tree word and this one are related, and He replied, “Yes” and told me to release this word.
Needless to say, we must pray in earnest repentance, prepare our hearts, and in the natural as He leads, and warn all who will hear!



2 thoughts on ““I want them to see how totally they are NOT paying attention.” – Katherine Lehman”

  1. Evan:

    No offense taken. All I can say is I’ve watched the moon for 64 years now, from many different parts of the US. I’ve always been attracted to it, and have been told because I was born under the sign of Cancer I am a “moon child.” It may be because I’m Jewish by blood, but I have always been drawn to it.

    I have looked at the moon even from the southern hemisphere, and I have NEVER seen it appear as it has been lately.

    Since you mentioned YT, I looked for a recent actual photo/video of the moon, and found this dated 7:39pm to 8:15pm, Tuesday Sept 18, 2018, NE Ohio, which happens to be only a few hundred miles from me (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltfd7OwVu5E). The actual alignment of the moon is very clear.

    That said, I do know there’s deception everywhere. Only our Elohim is truly trustworthy.

  2. Not to discredit anything you have said, and maybe things are more different now than in the past. I usually test statements made about physical world changes to see if they are perceived or genuine (I’m NOT saying you are not genuine) to confirm this is actually a new phenomena or same as it always was but we didn’t take note of it previously?

    I did a google image search of “Half Moon”:
    and you can see many photos from now and many years ago that the moon is photographed at all different angles – it is normal and depends on the season, where you are viewing by latitude and where the earth is in rotation at the time you look up. Hard to find a completely vertical one.

    Here is a website that explains why, and you can actually use the changing angle of the moon to navigate.
    It explains why it is “ever changing” and some other interesting moon facts. When the moon is lit from the bottom (like a bowl), it is called a “wet moon”. This goes back to ancient times.

    I’m not saying you are wrong or God didn’t say that to you, it could be different changes He speaks of? The moon never has always stood upright. Rarely will you see it as 90 degrees upright except on moon phase charts (they can’t show the true angle because everyone is on different latitudes and the time you look up changes as well).

    Sometimes when we are searching for signs, we look at something we never really took notice of before or see a youtube video saying its changed – but don’t test it to see if its legit or not. There is a lot of good on youtube and a LOT of garbage too. You can’t take anything for truth without confirming and testing it yourself. Many post outlandish claims to get views (and thus paid – NOT referring to you). Sorry, this isn’t directed at you at all – its just a pet peeve of mine that people try and take something that is normal and make it into some huge conspiracy.

    By the way, I truly believe the tribulation period is the door and there are many, many true signs pointing to this. A kick-off event coming very soon. Jesus is coming soon and we NEED to be prepared – doing our best to live a holy life. Working with the Spirit to refine, purify, and remove sin in our lives. To be loving, charitable and forgiving – separating ourselves from the world and focusing squarely on Jesus! Following His lead and His will for us.

    I hope I said this in a loving way, no intention to offend.

    Some are not aware that video and images can be easily manipulated in this age of technology. I’ve seen so many videos of lens flare or filter reflections (I am a photography buff) stating all kinds of things like Niburu, 2 suns, strange circles and geographic lines around the sun etc… When a image sensor in a digital camera is overdriven by too much light (like photographing the sun) all kind of artifacts and errata can be captured that you wouldn’t see with your eyes. As a user of Photoshop, anything can be faked or manipulated and in this era of getting paid for views. I could take any sky and make it bright purple (as has been circling the internet as of late). I’ve seen many of these spectacular images – they are shocking and amazing. But look at local news where these events apparently happened and it didn’t get even a mention in the news. It would be huge news if the sky all of the sudden was vibrant purple, wouldn’t it? Where there were electrical transformers exploding recently – that would certainly show weird colors in the sky, and they did! It was on the news too. If there was 2 suns in the sky, more than one person would see it and it would be huge news. Sorry for the long rant. Like I said, a pet peeve – and the many fakes discredit the legit things that ARE happening!

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