Outside My Gate where People dwell using My Name – Cheryl Adama

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There is a godless people among those who assemble in My name, those who deny Jesus Christ in His power in their lives.  They speak highly of Me participate in celebrating Me in what they call worship.  They read the bible and know all that it contain and some are even counted as well learned and scholarly.  This group is proud to say they believe and will even fight for causes in my Name such as against abortion, and to uphold the sanctity of marriage and allowing My name in government and in schools.  They are a people who have come to the place of the cross of Jesus, and recognized that He has died was buried and rose again to defeat death in My power but they go no further. 

They are like ones who come to a very grand hotel, worldwide and one of a kind.  It has so much to offer its guests that no other hotel has ever even dared to.  So, they come to the way of entrance and unpack there.  They assume that since they have come this far, they have now achieved what it is to achieve and see no reason to enter through the door.   This hotel has a glass wall that you can see inside to a great degree.  They being their ‘walk’ with Me from the outside looking in.  You can see the people inside in such great delight, they are relaxed and each have their own place to dwell and be who they were created to be.  They eat only the best food, packed with powerful nutrition that grows them in great strength and health.  They take part in interesting and in-depth teachings, studies and adventures that are hand selected to suit each one specifically by the Master of this Resort.  So, those who are on the outside, see a bit and then try to assume the same from their place of residing.  They do not realize that they are using their own power an ability to simulate what they see going on in the inside.  They eat what looks like the same food, but they do not benefit the way those on the inside do and remain the same in stature of their health and growth.  They do try to take part in the same teaching that they caught in hearing yet it just does not move them, or change them as they saw it do to those on the inside.

This, is the same in today with how many treat the life of those who follow Jesus Christ.  Many, look and see how it is ‘done’ but do not enter in through the Door, who is Jesus.  They instead use the methods that have been developed for those who remain on the outside.  These methods are easily used and do not have any requirements.  As the years have progressed there has been very impressive provisions created for this group, but they still remain as they will always, separate from who it is they profess to believe, love and worship.  For they are without My Spirit, and do not know anything about My fellowship.  They think they do by calling what they so, which is only what they have been told by others, and what they have formulated in their own hearts.  I always assign My own to speak the message of truth to this group where they return to Me with little success.  For My People have been beaten and even killed in such groups.  The enemy, Satan, is the leader of this group and has taken great pride in what he has accomplished in the place of entry to My Kingdom.  In this place My Son is denied.  The very place where He is ‘preached’ and taught about, where many books – that have sold millions are written, regarding the things of God.  This place even has people who have sung and are known for the songs of worship they created for Me – yet still they too deny Me.  How can I say this?  Because though they believe in the Son and who He is and what He has done for them, they deny His power by not walking through His door to receive it.  They are not willing to leave the world behind, they will not leave what they love so they believe they can live in the best of both worlds in this place where they gather around.  These are a people who are slaves to sin, to the lusts of their flesh, and to the torments of their carnal mind.  They justify all these by the world’s philosophy, even the religious world – who is a great and powerful voice to this group.

I say they have freedom, and need only to look and believe in My Son, and they will walk through the door of entry to receive what I promise them.  They hear this, but even in this they have created their own message as to what it means.  Jesus is the only Way as He has told long ago, and to follow Him in the Way, you must walk in truth – He is the truth and in so doing you will receive His life that will lead all to Me in peace and love, no longer under My wrath.  It is simple really, but not something that many are willing to do.  That Door is the hardest and most vile thing in so very many of eyes and heart.  In fact it offends them.  They will call it narrow-minded and full of bigotry and hatred and legalistic.  They will fight against the Door in the name of Love and Acceptance.  They will say that the Door is not true and has been wrongly interpreted by the many translators and scholars.  But for those who come to the Door and walk through it by faith, they understand that they must leave all behind in order that they may partake in all the fullness and wonder the place they will reside offers.  They are filled with My Spirit and we are able to walk together in love that I may show you My glory and praise in who My Son is for all who would enter in My gates.

This is A Word From the Lord.


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  1. This word of the Lord through Cheryl is so full of truth that I am completely speechless. It so accurately describes most churchfolk. And it also hits so close to home.

    I fear for them and grieve that the Lord calls them “godless.” I too was once like them, but surely the Lord had mercy on me in that when I sought him in a depressing valley I found myself in, he spoke to me and led me out of it into a new life with Christ.

    Unfortunately, most of these whom the Lord calls “godless” have rejected the testimony of the Lord’s work in my life when I tried to show them this new life and how so much better it is than what they get in the modern-day “church.” They claim to know Him by clinging to security in their religion that has a form of godliness but no Holy Spirit power.

    And the Lord has surely set before them the Way to life and the way to death.

    1. Brother Sujit- Only a Spirit-led Saint can describe what you just so awesomely wrote, for the dead church has no such clue! They are taught about the steps to look right, the more you give the more you prosper, & to just believe in grace, for God loves us all. I tried to tell one of my family members, a minister of the dead church, about the blessing of the gift of the Joy of God that came over me one day, but I could tell by the blank stare in his eyes that he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about, instead likening my testimony to his worldly happiness, apple pie, the love of his family, & the great American way, so to speak. If you’ve never been touched by the holy Spirit & received the Love, Peace, & Joy of God, how can you understand the difference between the ‘Spirit-filled’ membership, & the bible thumping community church that meets down the street? When you walk in the door of either one, they both carry bibles, both sing similar praise songs, and both can be seen raising their hands in praise? They both look good. In fact, the better dressed ones, the better looking church, and the richer ones, are probably NOT the Spirit-led membership? But the one big difference is- don’t ever ask for healing prayers in the dead place. Don’t ask for miracles in the dead church. I saw a stack of pages one time at the front counter of one of those dead churches, where if you needed prayer, you could write down your name, the issue, & your phone number, & somebody would call you back next week. Not long after I was baptized many years ago, I went to a Spirit-led meeting one night in S. Reno, where I raised my hand when the lady asked if anyone needed prayer? A few others did too. She went from person to person, laying hands on each of us & praying in tongues over all of us, & what I experienced that night nearly blew me away! My whole world was turned upside down! She asked me to stand & raise my hands when she got to me, & in my cowboy boots, my fingers touched the ceiling. She kept telling me- Keep your hands raised to the Lord as I pray for you! And as I did, she began speaking a very strong prophetic Word of deliverance over me, & I literally began shaking in my boots! I could hear her Words over me, her prayers & warnings, & then at the same time, the Lord God began speaking to me in such a miraculous way that I heard everything she proclaimed over me without missing any of it, but at the same time also heard an entire ‘Word of correction’ that came directly from God into my inner heart! Since then, I’ve heard of people who received dreams inside of dreams, such as Erin of Sparrow Cloud Nine Ministry, but not yet anyone who ever reported receiving a Word inside of another Word!? What an absolute miracle! There was no loss of the first Word, and there was yet an entire long drawn-out ‘other Word’ received as well, that shook me all up. Needless to say, God invented space & time, & I was severely corrected for the error of my ways, & now I can say that when they were all done speaking over me, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt in a very personal way that the Lord greatly loved me! -and that it was time for me to wake up & walk the straight & narrow way! What a difference! rick

  2. I grew up in a church like that too Rick…I wonder if they will ever wake up. They really do think they are doing what they should be doing but none of it even matters because they DON’T KNOW JESUS INTIMATELY!

    1. You’re so right, Jeff! And after coming out of those church systems, we now see how there are so many other denominations in similar ‘out-of-order’ condition. And sadly, most of them are brain-washed to believe that their religion is ‘the only true church’ in the whole world. They’ve been so well trained with every little doctrine that they can pick up their bibles & offer verse after verse reference support to explain their belief, & sadly, usually know their bibles better than most of us! It even says in the bible that “they have a certain zeal” for the things of God, certainly a kind of dogmatism too, a demonic armor built up against the real Truth. But it’s such a Joy to see them come out of that deception & fall head-over-heals in love with our Savior, Jesus! Thank you. rick

  3. As I read thru this Word, I was blown away at the descriptions listed in exact duplicate accuracy of a well-known church system my family grew up in, right down to the use of the word ‘God’ in their Name, before they changed their name again recently, as well as claiming to be Christian. Even when they changed their name, to throw the world off of their old trail, they still held onto many old practices, looking more to what men teach than what God says. They sure look good on Sundays, some dressed up in suits & ties, yet they deny the power of holy Spirit, speaking evil of those seen operating under such power. When asked if they believe in the gifts of the Spirit, they often list the fruits of the Spirit instead, telling of how wonderful it is to live so happily in God’s love, joy, peace, & prosperity. I once went back to visit one of their branch churches after many years, as a light-bearing witness to them under the Lord’s direction. They were undergoing another reorganization process, as it seems their membership is constantly splintering off. They announced in church that day that under their new operation plans, they would this time steer away from dealing with prophecy, apparently forgetting about Rev 19:10- “… for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy”? The last I heard, they do not believe in the fresh rhema Word either, & no wonder, for they deny the power thereof, as they raise their bibles to thump on. Once I asked one of their ministers what he thought the reason was for the lack of healing evidence in their church? That was a sore area to question, for everyone seems to remember when someone lived thru an emergency operation & survived the ordeal! Yet, to the best of my knowledge, no one has ever actually seen a verifiable miracle, no matter what they claim, tho there is much debate about it. In fact, there have been so many deaths among the ministers & their wives that one might think there must be a curse or plague on that church to anyone called a ‘minister’ there? As a kid growing up, I remember their limousines, jet airplanes, expensive mansions, & appreciation of ‘fine arts’. Maybe they forgot the verse in Psalms they sang in church so often, “Unless the Lord builds the house, the weary builders toil in vain”? I watched a video once by one head leader, who just happened to be in some of my high school classes with me, who said they are looking forward to the new changes taking place in their church, so that they can raise their hands in song & worship too, like all the rest of the Christian churches do. I wonder how many other churches this Word applies too, as well? So, as the above Word says, they’ve been watching how it’s done, looking thru the glass windows out front, hoping to one day get it right? rick

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