Where are My Worshipers? – Cheryl Adama

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Where are My worshipers?  Is it not those who approach Me in Spirit and in Truth?  I call for this kind of worship and will settle for no less!  What is this I see?  A people who worship according to who they desire and feel.  They have leaders who will bring them in an atmosphere of ‘praise and worship’ and this they consider worship to Me!  Continue reading “Where are My Worshipers? – Cheryl Adama”


What awaits America in 2019….. – Ali Winters

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

On 9 December, 2018 Holy Spirit spoke….

“Your calling is to shake the sheep and awaken the wandering. Focus on what My church has lost. Others see not what you see and you do not see what they see. You are part of the body and a body functions as a whole. Continue reading “What awaits America in 2019….. – Ali Winters”