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The Inside of the Cup is your Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Life.

The Outside of the Cup is you Body, Home and Environment.

When a soldier prepares for war, he readies his weapons, organizes his kit and keeps close to himself, the few tokens or treasures of his loved ones. We are now in a war against the evil one, his minions both from this world, and, the fallen ones and their demon AI/technobots.

As the Kick-Off Event approaches, many have not removed the spiritual enemy from their own homes, or land. If you think having idols and cursed items in your apts., homes or workplaces will not compromise your protection when the Tribulation intensifies; think again. You are dead wrong. We are now moving from the shallow end of the pool, to the deep end.

God will not protect anyone who does not put Him first in their life. Ignorance will not be an excuse. “By their fruits you will know them.” It is time to prepare your spiritual home, as well as physical world. The hour is late my friends.

Any and all books, objects, pictures, statues, heirlooms; any item in your nest that is New Age, occult, pornography, anything that is of the world’s false religions (all doctrines of demons), that does not give true honour, worship, praise and glory to Jesus Christ, God The Father and The Holy Spirit, has to be destroyed now before the battle intensifies exponentially.

All Videos, CDs, LPs, Movies, TV, Magazines, Souvenirs, Music, Posters, Memorabilia that contain immoral, Anti-God or Satanic material has to be removed now, or they will be the ‘yeast in the leaven’. To infect the physical: your physical, mental, moral and emotional security, and your home and land. As well as undermine you spiritually.

Any and all of these materials can not be sold, regardless of their worth, because whoever buys these items will be infected also by them. But God will hold you responsible for the damage done, to their eternal souls and peace and security here on earth.

An Example: A friend of mine, an elderly lady had bought an antique Chinese vase for $750. years ago. It was approx. 30″ high and had many high-relief figures of the Tao genii or gods beautifully sculpted, attached to the outside surface. This lady needed money and I decided to help her sell it. The approx. value now is $3-5K at auction. She consulted The Lord, through a well-known End-Times prophet, on what to do with it, knowing that it had religious significance. The Lord told her directly it had to be destroyed. She agreed to it but it upset her so, she asked me to take it out of her house and smash it somewhere else. She didn’t want to see it. As I was transporting it to my apt. Satan spent the whole time whispering in my ear, sell it privately, quietly by placing it at auction under my own name, just pocket the money. Tempted as I was to do it, I realized this was sin in-process. When I got to my apt. building, I went to the basement level to the garbage dumpsters, and smashed it against a side wall. It exploded like a bomb, smashing into dozens of pieces. The sound wasn’t just the echo against the concrete walls. It was rage incarnate. Into the dumpster it went. The proof of it’s evil was in the sound it made when it was destroyed.

For all those of you with old LP collections, big CD libraries of Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz (after 1950), Heavy Metal, Grunge, Disco, Folk music you need to go to YouTube and type-in JOHN TODD.

Watch his testimony and witness, which he was later murdered for. Son of a seventh generation satanic/occult American family, he was a top California music executive in the industry. After viewing his witness, if you don’t do the obvious, then I can only say you have placed these music idols of the occult before the love, honour and obedience due to Almighty God. May He save you from His coming Wrath.

All spirit-catchers, scented candles, incense (anything dedicated to idols or made by New Age, Hindu, or occultists, natural gums excepted), sweet grass, tarot cards, magic toys/games or costumes, get rid of them now.

All DISNEY items, toys, movies, clothing, souvenirs, accessories, bikes, games, get rid of them now. But you say my children will object. Make them disappear slowly when they are out of the house, remove the infestation. Are you the owner of the home or are your children in-charge here? Lax parents are at an epidemic level in this generation. I started to see it in the late 1970’s, when little Johnny was called a genius at age three. Dr. Spock said “Never tell them no, negotiate.” Rudolph Steiner said “Children are not to hold a pencil until they are ten years of age.” The list goes on and on. Play the parent or you could answer to God for all eternity for the loss of your children’s souls.

There is much research on the whole DISNEY mess on the internet, look it up. Three short examples:
A. The private members only club inside DISNEY Parks, is called Club 33, as in Masonic 33rd degree.
B. Walt Disney’s severed head is cryonically-suspended in a California lab, awaiting his Frankenstein rebirth attachment, to a cadaver of AI robot.
C. They are now marketing bananas with a wizard logo sticker on each fruit, given their inclusion of the erect male member disguised inside all of their cartoons and media since the 1920’s, this is a pornographic symbolic marketing concept par excellence.

Antiques: The Lord has spoken to many not to bring second-hand items into your home. Many antique dealers are aware that certain items that enter their stores have a disruptive energy or are downright evil presence attached to them. Beware, pray, discern, before you buy at garage-sales, used stores, on-line. If you see satanic symbols or items present, feel oppressed disengage immediately.

Example: a young woman I know has become transfixed with buying small knives on-line. She has many dozens of them in her apt. Some are compromised, cursed and or infected. Occultists use knives in their rituals, then plants them as ‘seeds into the land, to harvest a crop of death, depression, sorrow and confusion to the beholder. She is depressed, in therapy fighting an ongoing battle, but will not listen, considering it just a ‘hobby’.

Food & Water: The poisonous chemicals in food, the neurotransmitters, DNA altering engineering developed by the academic, scientific and corporate world is staggering. Much of what we eat is evil. It will get worse very soon. Famine, pestilence is already in the many parts of the world, it will come to us also.

There is also the reality of the aborted fetus tissue utilized in commercially prepared and fast foods, that was legalized during the last presidents tenure. After WWII it was discovered humans that eat the brain cells of other humans become crazy by increments. Cannibalism is being sold in TV, movies, all media now, wake-up and stop buying condiments like mayo, mustard, snacks, fast-food, all prepared foods are involved. Eat simple, eat raw, make your own. Sold as a sweetener, with 75 patents registered, aborted fetal tissue is a reality that must be addressed before the occult ring that encased all who imbibe of this satanic agenda, one day start thinking of eating their own kin and neighbours. Any one who takes the micro-chip implant will be a Cannibal!

Pray The Following Everytime You Eat/Drink Something (yes it is long but when you have memorized it rolls off your tongue quickly). It was given by The Lord to a man named Norb, who lives in Indiana and has built a refuge:

Blessing Of All Food & Drink Before The Fall

Lord Jesus we pray this food returns back to its pure form, with all its taste, minerals, vitamins and nutrients. That the aire, water and ground are purified back to their original state, before the fall of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden. We pray Lord that our bodies are restored back to their original health physically, mentally, morally and emotionally, and that all is purified within our bodies from the time of the Fall down to the present moment. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

Pray and ask God to lead you to any and all items in your home, that are cursed, immoral or are evil. Pray over each item individually asking the Holy Spirit, Yes or No? to each item. He will answer you interiorly, be patient, have faith, believe and do not be incredulous. Discern who you talk to about this plan. It is imperative that it is a private matter between you, God and your loved ones. St. Anthony of the Desert (4th c. Egyptian monk) said “There is no problem in life, that silence can not remedy.”

“He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” St. Matthew Chapter 13: Verse 9


only a grain of sand


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  1. Here are a few more thoughts along these same lines. Some people collect frogs & fairies and you’ll see them sitting in their flower beds & gardens around the house. The frog is an underworld sign of idolatry full of demonic infestation. Remember that God punished the Egyptians with a plague of frogs. Keeping frog statues, or fairy tale mold castings of all kinds, around your house is an invitation to hordes of demons who lurk inside of them. Also, when we bless what we eat or drink before consuming it, (short of asking for a special miracle) most people are not praying for the process of ‘healing’ contaminated food, or changing it’s molecular structure when they ask the Lord to bless it before dinner. The Lord expects you to use good judgment before you buy it, & to even ask Him as you shop. However, once we’ve made the purchase, we should always pray over everything before we eat or drink it, and if possible, before we ever haul it home. The Lord has shown me over the years that our food has been thru the hands of many hands, and it just so happens that those men & women are full of darkness, & as they handle the food from harvest to processing, it picks up their evil attributes, & so it comes to us with ‘demonic attachments’, ‘demonic seeds’, & curses planted within or upon it, all the way down the line of handling & thru the packaging process, & even by the delivery to the grocery store. BUT, to be more clear, if the food you are about to eat is poisoned in some way, say it wasn’t canned right for some reason, or has been sitting on the shelf for too long, beware, because asking the Lord to ‘bless our food’ before eating it doesn’t necessarily stop physical poisoning. Asking for His blessing over it cleanses it from the demonic darkness upon it, which is potentially far worse than dirty or contaminated food. I ask the Lord continually to bless everything I eat or drink & even before I bring it home, however, when I once opened a can of tomato sauce for my stew, I was a little leery over it, seeing it was an old rusty can. I carefully removed the lid, smelled it, & even tasted it before dumping it in the pot, but still had an uneasy ‘feeling’ about it. So I made sure to ‘bless it’ before eating it. However, I did end up suffering thru a case of food poisoning by being too careless. So if you will take a lesson from my mistake, tho I blessed the food before eating it, that blessing did not cover food poisoning! That would have been a whole other type of prayer, perhaps asking the Lord to perform a physical molecular miracle over it? Whether the Lord will do that for you is between you & Him, & your faith level over it. I’m reminded of the question the Lord posed to the man who just recently shared his testimony with us about drinking soda pop, when the Lord asked him how he expected Him to bless his drink, seeing that it was nothing but poison he is drinking?
    One other area of idolatry I wanted to mention that seems so harmless to many but is so prevalent amongst many ‘country folk’ today, is their reliance & trust on vitamins. This includes the so called healing arts of ‘eating your way to good health’, sometimes known as ‘food is your best medicine’. These metaphors may be somewhat true to a point, such as a balanced diet is good for you, but how many people today go broke swearing by the works of the Chiropractic medical industry, including all of the vitamin pills, oils, & mineral supplements that go along with it? Who do they seek FIRST for their ailment, God, or the Chiropractic/vitamin industry prognosis? rick

  2. I’d also like to add to not selling these items. Don’t give them away either. We’ve been trained to be thrifty and recycle — not be wasteful — but the ancient Israelites were warned to destroy the idols in the lands they were taking. Here is an example. Holy Spirit this past fall was talking to me about all the Halloween in my home — from fabric, to cups, kid’s songs on CDs, decorations and children’s picture books (I teach) though I am a dedicated Christian. I just never really thought about the worldliness and sin contained in it all. I had been collecting them over 20 years not even really thinking about the witches, ghosts, vampires, etc. depicted. Just all in good fun right? WRONG. I had to go around my home, garage, sewing cottage and classroom discarding it all. Right out to the garbage it all went…though someone else would have found it “useful” as the fabric, especially, was brand new (I make and sew pillow covers online, but will no longer offer Halloween, Santa (an anagram for satan and a sad counterfeit of true Holy Spirit of giving), Egypt, or Mermaids (sexual sirens). I thought about the Old Testament cure for items dedicated to other gods (which was breaking and burning) and ended up pitching it all as I, too, like you said, do not want to be responsible before my Holy God for contributing to someone else’s idolatry!

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