Prophetic Newsletter By John Shorey 12-31-2018 – It’s Getting Ready to Blow – Current Evidence of His Coming.

Prophetic Newsletter
By John Shorey 12-31-2018
It’s Getting Ready to Blow
Current Evidence of His Coming.
A Prophetic Warning from a Donation
A Message from the Heroes of the Faith

Author of, “The Window of the Lord’s Return”
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I have been trying to get this latest edition of my Prophetic Newsletters out for over a week.
We had my son Philip from Minneapolis with us for ten days with his wife and our three grandchildren, two boys and an 18 month girl.
It was our first face to face visit with them being old enough to enjoy our time together.
The oldest boy is 5 years old and the second it four and our newest grandchild just 18 months.

I have had a recent flare-up of my health challenges, this being part of the reason for my delay in getting out this latest Newsletter.
I have been hearing the inner voice from the Holy Spirit telling me it was OK.
I now realize I needed more time for important pieces of the puzzle to fall in place for this newsletter. Please keep
me in your prayers for my healing. I have total assurance that my miracle is
coming. I believe the prayer of agreement can speed things up.

It’s Getting Ready to Blow
In my last newsletter I covered six areas called, “The Current Evidence of His
Coming.” In my last newsletter I only did a short overview of each of these areas
of current evidence of His Coming. In this newsletter I am expanding on these six
areas. These signs of Christs coming are so active; it reminds me of the building up
of pressure before a volcano explodes into an eruption.
This reminds me of the time in the early 80’s when Mount Saint Helens was
rumbling and building up pressure. Mt. Saint Helens was actually budging and the
scientists warned it was getting ready to erupt. The authorities were putting out
warnings telling people to get out of the area but many didn’t listen. I remember
an old man whose name was Harry Truman, about 80 years old who had a lodge
on Spirit Lake, located at the base of Mount Saint Helens. He had been there for
decades and he was not going to budge. Now he is buried in his cabin under the
rubble of Mount Saint Helens. Many others who did not take the warnings
seriously also died when the mountain erupted. I still remember the pictures from
the news, seeing the pictures of the bodies of whole families who died that day.
I see history getting ready to repeat itself. The six areas I cover in this newsletter
are building up daily and weekly, creating a perfect storm. I cannot believe that
most are not seeing the danger signs that I cover in these six areas.
In this newsletter I am picking up where I left off in my last newsletter, where I
covered these six areas in only a minor way. I am adding news headlines to most
of these six areas and in one. I am showing some prophetic warnings of what is
coming. I see the evidence is warning us that things are getting ready to blow. I
received a short note last night from my Prophetess friend Jeanette. I will post her
note to me below.
Hi John,
What’s the Lord showing you? Today the Holy Spirit said to me, ‘a year of
reckoning’ War, collapse, judgements are soon to unfold.

Current Evidence of His Coming.

In this portion of my newsletter I am including parts from my last newsletter
and expanding with backup documents and recent updates.
Do you remember all the hype in 2014 and 2015? The Blood Moons and the
Shemitah Cycles. Many thought the rapture was going to happen in the fall of
2015. I recently did a study that showed that the events of those years were like
road signs pointing to a year down the road. I came to the conclusion that God
had not delayed his coming. We just did bad math.
I can’t believe how so many have lost interest in the Lord’s coming because
nothing happened a couple of years ago. I want to point out what is happening
today. First off the signs in the sun, moon and the stars have already happened
and Jesus said, “When you see these things begin to come to pass, look up for
your redemption draws near”. Two years later we are there. I believe we are in
the Shortening of Days and the events that will propel America and the World
into the Days of Sorrows and the Great Tribulation. Pressure is building that is
pushing against the dam, that is about to break and release a tidal wave of
events that will begin the Days of Sorrows.
Below I will again share the list from my last newsletter, there are no surprises
here, unless you are totally asleep and have your head buried somewhere, these
topics and events are all over the news.
1. Out of Control National Debt
I remember in the 1980’s while living in Ketchikan Alaska, there was much talk
about our National Debt hitting one Trillion dollars. This debt was all the debt
of America from the Revolutionary War to the present time, (200 Years). At
that time this debt could be figured as $5000.00 for every man, woman and
Now about 30 years later we have gone from one trillion to twenty-two trillion
in debt. This now amounts to about $70,000.00 for every man, woman and
child. If you look at this from the family stand point and you add household
debt you could be looking at a figure of about a half million in debt for every
family in America. This is impossible to pay off. These figures are not factoring
in what is called Unfunded Liabilities, like Social Security and state and federal
government pensions. I have been told that unfunded liabilities are greater
than the National Debt.
We are heading for a crash. When the crash hits the dollar will not be worth
the paper it is printed on. The Global solution is waiting in the wings.
Below I have posted an excellent article by Michael Snyder. I spoke with him
on the phone the other day for about an hour to get a better grip on his
thinking about our economy. He shared a study done by John Paul Jackson
called the Perfect Storm. This was done about 10 years ago and at that time,
John Paul Jackson said that this is not for now but for some time in the future.
When I shared the six current events I have in my newsletter that is building
pressure toward a great explosion that will take out America. Michael Snyder
agreed that we are now seeing the black clouds that are coming from every
direction, that are about to collide and create the perfect storm that John Paul
Jackson was talking about.

This Is Exactly The Kind Of Behavior That You
Would Expect During A Stock Market Implosion…
December 27, 2018 by Michael T. Snyder
If a doctor tells you that his patient’s condition is swinging up and down wildly, is that a good
sign or a bad sign? Of course the answer to that question is quite obvious. And if a doctor tells
you that his patient’s condition is “stable”, is that a good sign or a bad sign? Just like in the
medical world, instability is not something that is a desirable thing on Wall Street, and right
now we are witnessing extreme volatility on an almost daily basis. On Thursday, the Dow was
already down several hundred points when I went out to do some grocery shopping with my
wife, and at the low point of the day it had fallen 611 points. But then a “miracle happened”
and the Dow ended the day with an increase of 260 points. As I detailed yesterday, this is
precisely the sort of behavior that you would expect during a chaotic bear market.
As Fox Business has noted, bear market rallies are typically “sharp, quick and usually short”. I
figured that the momentum from Wednesday would carry over into the early portion of Thursday,
so I was surprised when the Dow was down by so much as we neared the middle of
the day. But then around 2 PM we witnessed an extraordinary market surge…
The Dow Jones Industrial Average posted a 865-point swing in less than two hours.
The blue chip index had been down in mid-afternoon more than 500 points to cut the previous session’s
gains in half, before bargain hunters and short covering turned a big decline into a modest gain.
An 865 point swing in less than two hours is not “normal”. In fact, it is about as far from
“normal” as you can get. Let’s talk about short covering for a moment. During huge market
downturns, speculators often try to make a lot of money very rapidly by shorting stocks. But if
momentum suddenly shifts, those short sellers can be caught with their pants down and the
consequences can be quite dramatic. The following comes from Marketwatch…
Indeed, market veterans warn that massive, one-day rallies are often more characteristic of
downturns, occurring as sell-off lead to significantly oversold technical conditions that leave
markets ripe for short covering only to give way to renewed selling once the frenzy of forced
buying is exhausted. Investors who short a stock are essentially betting that its price will fall
by first borrowing the shares, but those traders can be forced to buy shares back if prices
suddenly swing higher, which, in turn, can amplify price swings.
In addition, it appears that on Thursday there was more of the “forced pension rebalancing”
that Zero Hedge has been talking about… It certainly has the smell of a massive pension
reallocation as the moment stocks started to surge, bonds were dumped… No stock market
crash in U.S. history has ever gone in a straight line. There are always huge ups and downs
during every market crash, and this market crash is no exception.
Ultimately, there is no way that you can possibly interpret the behavior of the market in recent
days as “healthy”… Here’s the problem: as we discussed last night, since 1990, every
comparable reversal – with a few exceptions – came during the 2008-2009 bear
market. According to Bloomberg data, in eight previous bear markets the S&P 500 experienced
rallies of greater than 2.5% more than 120 times as the benchmark plunged from peak to
trough. From the collapse of Lehman to the financial crisis bottom in March 2009, the S&P 500
rallied more than 4 percent on 13 different occasions.
“This is not the kind of price action you see in normal bull markets,” said Robert Baird equity
sales trader Michael Antonelli. “This is just a face ripping short cover rally. I am 100 percent not
saying we are in a situation like 2008 now, but look at October 10, 2008 to October 13, 2008:
the market rose nearly 12 percent in one day. October 27 to October 28, 2008, it rose 11
Meanwhile, it appears that one of America’s most iconic retailers is about to go down in flames.
For years I have been warning that Sears was eventually “going to zero”, and if a last ditch
rescue attempt does not materialize by the end of the day on Friday, Sears will be liquidated…

The employer of more than 68,000 filed for bankruptcy in October. Its last shot at survival is a
$4.6 billion proposal put forward by its chairman, Eddie Lampert, to buy the company out of
bankruptcy through his hedge fund, ESL Investments
The inevitable demise of Sears could be seen from a mile away, and the same thing can be said
about the country as a whole. Our debt-fueled standard of living has been propped up by the
biggest debt binge in the history of the world, and Wall Street has been transformed into the
largest casino on the entire planet.
The entire U.S. economic system has become one huge Ponzi scheme, and all Ponzi schemes
ultimately collapse.
The inevitable consequences for decades of exceedingly foolish decisions are starting to roll in,
and the bursting of “The Bubble To End All Bubbles” is going to be beyond excruciating.
About the author: Michael Snyder is a nationally-syndicated writer, media personality and
political activist. his articles are republished on dozens of other prominent websites. If you would
like to republish his articles, please feel free to do so. The more people that see this information
the better, and we need to wake more people up while there is still time.

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