Time Out – Gary Bertnick

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To slow down a little and walk away
Time out, a long pause from the world and its ways
Time to step aside and be still
To sit and be quiet in precious moments,
Fix your thoughts on Messiah
Look to Yeshua

And to meditate on good memories near and far
Blessings upon you and your family
Prayers answered for friends
As well as strangers;
Things revealed by God’s Holy Spirit
Come alive in a dream, in a vision
In revelations of the depth of beauty in Living Truth,
God’s Word in knowledge of the High Priest’s Love
Purest knowledge of our King of Eternity;
Angels encountered visible and invisible
Joy of salvation shared with splendid children of God met often
Eyes reflecting true Light in laughter, in prayers
Hugs and holding hands in fellowship gladness,
Everlasting friendships seen lived out
Yesterday, today, tomorrow and on along the path of Holiness
The Narrow Road we each walk faithfully
From the Small Gate once entered in His Cross experienced daily,
Our endless Kingdom destiny chosen in our Lord and our God!
       “Pressing on” in the Name of our Lord! -Gary Bertnick