Hosea 4:6 ~ “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will reject you from serving as My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your sons.”


The past 24 hours I have had prophecies swirling through my mind, from past posts I had shared. So many warnings, exhortations and even teachings to help any and all who would read and seek the LORD for confirmation.

I’m going to be quite frank here, because time is of the essence:

I have this horrible, sinking feeling, with anger in my spirit over the masses of people who have ignored the LORD individually and many will be heading into hell. He sent people like me to bring warnings to prepare His people, yet most would not listen and seek Him. Most here in USA, Mystery Babylon, preferred living in a delusional bubble world they created in their mind. Even professing “awake” Christians seemed to have a shut-off valve to truth that did not fit their perspective, with Trump as the “messiah” to “make America Great Again” . . . A delusion from the pit of hell.

No more new warnings will be given for me to post. The LORD may have me still share things He gave me in the past, but NO MORE NEW WARNINGS FOLKS!!!

Time is running out. It’s like I’m in an airplane that is on the runway, waiting to take off but can’t because of a delay. My fellow passengers are the remnant who have fully sought the LORD for truth. We’re waiting and it’s going to happen. You’re either on the plane or you’re not. You are either ready or you’re not. You either are fully serving the LORD or you’re not. You either want 100 percent truth or you don’t.

Judgement MUST come to awaken the slumbering masses, including those who shut themselves off from full truth, while riding on the Trump train of delusion. That train is heading for a cliff, while Trump, pied piper of the Illuminati global government, under direction of Obama, prepares to help divide Jerusalem.

The swirling vortex of prophecy continues through my mind, like a tornado about to bring destruction.

Proverbs 22:3 ~ “A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”



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  1. I am autistic and my world is in my dreams and visions. I am an introvert, loaner, hermit and spend 30 days at home each month. When I go to town 1-2 days per month, I tell every person I see that the rapture is on the New MOON of April or September/October and what will happen on the New Moon. I dont give up on no one and I post my blog (Jardalkalatgmail.blogspot.com) to everyone to read it. I have given out the address to about 2000-3000 people and only about 10 people read each article. Some like the axial pole shift one so about 2500-3000 have read that one since 2016. But the average per article is 10 people. Google shuts down the blog on April 2. That is when I shut down here and on facebook, aol, and gmail.
    At night is when the dreams happen and that is when I sometimes argue with my characters and I am now repeating to them about the New Moon of April. I have a lot of fun with my characters for I am mentally 10 years of age in a 60 year old body. In some of my dreams, I am 20 to 40 with a long pointed white beard down to my naval and long white hair down to my shoulders. I normally cut my hair all the way off 3 times per year and I cut my beard off once every year.

  2. After reading all of the wonderful comments here, I decided to share this uplifting testimony. My dad is a retired ‘blind & deaf minister’ in a dead church, & so some of my siblings followed after his deceptions. So sharing the rhema Word of warning with these loved ones has been a rough & rocky road of rejection thru the years, however, in spite of all that, I’ve been thankful for being able to maintain contact with most of them. There have been many lessons learned when sharing the Word out with unbelievers, seeing the many kinds of reactions one simple holy Word can bring. Last week, one of my brothers emailed me asking how I was doing? I had just read an awesome Word posted online speaking to the remnant that I wanted so badly to share back with him, & sat there for a minute wondering if I should chance sending out ‘just one more Word’? Would it help him, or anger him even worse? I pondered over the many Words about planting good seed, & that some seed must surely land on good soil, some day? So I took another chance & emailed a copy of the Word to him called, “A Word Of Encouragement”, by Tess Ann Macallister. Only a few minutes went by when I got a reply back from my brother, of things I’ve never heard before! He said he wanted to apologize for his misunderstanding of what I was doing by handing out these ‘end-time warning’ Words. I could
    hardly believe my eyes! I wondered if this was a trick? As I read down further in his apology, he said that he now believes ‘exactly’ as this Word just said, that “he believes he is also part of the remnant body now too, & said he wants to get in my ship with me!” He says he now sees that what I was doing
    in warning others was not out of personal fear, as he once thought, but that I was witnessing for Christ. So I wanted others to hear of this testimony of only a few days ago, that when you find yourself sitting there wondering if you should chance sharing out ‘just one more last Word’ to one of your family or friends, please consider that I was tested right down to what I thought was ‘the last straw’, thinking this might be our last friendly email? But it then turned out to be the ‘breakthrough Word’ that opened up a brand new relationship that had been brewing all along!! See how God blesses our many seeds! Cheers to all of you. rick

  3. Linda Hasche, Shield Maiden…love it!

    I’m with ya sister. Been trying to warn the church since 911 and still doing so today. It’s falling on the deaf ears with a few exceptions. I have been convinced for years it would take something drastic like nukes dropping on America to wake people up. We will see it…

    Bless you


    1. Howdy Michael,
      Shield-of-Faith in Christ Jesus that is. \o/

  4. Yes i agree with you both on the destruction that is quickly coming and many will be saved in this time but sadly many will be lost and die without repenting but people cannot say that they were not warned and now the warnings have stopped because people have not repented
    or given heed to the warnings so the Lord said it is time to act. They have become complacent and believe nothing will happen as these warnings and prophecies have been said for years and nothing has happened but because they have been lulled to sleep and deceived by the enemy and tragedy will soon be there destiny unfortunately

  5. I sure can identify with what you are sensing about the reactions of both believers and unbelievers to prophetic warnings. Very few people show any interest or desire to hear what the future holds. In my circle, the disinterest seems to have little to do with President Trump and his promises to turn this all around. Unfortunately, most folks don’t have a clue nor do they even care what’s going on in the political arena. What I see is total saturation in self…what restaurant am I going to eat at? what movie am I going to see? where am I going on vacation this summer? what can I watch on television tonight? what date is American Idol going to start? what can I do, I’m so bored? I have found myself so grieved over folks who simply won’t allow themselves to even “think” about the dire possibilities that we are facing in these final hours of time. Of course, salvation is the most critical issue, but even that deep concern often evokes only a mild response of “I hear you.” My heart literally aches for those who simply ignore or deny the grave danger and judgment that is coming to America. I will never stop praying for all those the Lord has placed in my path, but I no longer feel led to always be warning them…I just trust that the Word of God planted will take seed in their hearts and He will make a way for them. God richly bless you and all the others who have been faithful to be God’s watchmen on the wall and to speak His prophetic warnings.

    1. Hi Debbie and thank you for sharing. We’re singing in the same choir,my Sister. I’m being held back from saying much of anything to people I talk to in person. I used to wait to see if there was even a sliver of opportunity, wait for OK from the Lors, then speak up. Not now . . It’s the prophetic sound of silence and waiting. I also believe seeds planted will be watered by tragedies that will soften hard hearts . . . Get ready to be busy when war hits here in USA Mystery Babylon.
      Blessings, Linda

  6. Dont give up.
    You know i have been praying for my family for 32 years now and still nothing.
    I can say no more but they are still my father mother my twin sister and brother.
    They laugh at me all the time,but Jesus
    I cant give up now you know why because i care and love them, so lets carry on untill it is time.
    Remember the man on the cross that said remember me when you go to your kingdom he is your example.

    1. The point of the post has nothing to do with “giving up”. It’s facing the heart-wrenching truth: It will take massive judgements unfolding before the slumbering masses awaken to face extremely difficult times without knowing the LORD now. Many will be saved during the worst times that are coming and wishing it didn’t have to take that to awaken lost souls.
      Giving up? No, my main purpose for being created has not yet occurred and it is this: helping to bring lost souls into the Kingdom of Heaven during the worst times on this earth. All else has been to prepare for that.

      1. Amen Linda! Hope I am right there in the trenches with you, my Sister-in-Christ! This post mirrors my experience as well. The masses will not “see” or “hear” the truth of the times we are in until they are forced through complete & utter destruction of their “reality” to see the times we are in. It will have to be a different world where the masses lose much of their creature comforts before a real “awakening” can occur!

        1. Will see you there, Expat . . . Armour on, leaning on the LORD and praying in the Spirit. . . Ready to battle entities most don’t believe exist in the spiritual realm, but will be manifesting in our reality.
          Ready to lay down our lives to bring in souls for the KING of kings and LORD of lords. . . Rallying the troops to press forward and onward to our individual callings so together we WILL represent the Love of the LORD for the lost.
          The following is not a “Christian” song, but some how, the anointing and reminder of my calling is in it. Here it is:



          1. Yes i agree with you both on the destruction that is quickly coming and many will be saved in this time but sadly many will be lost and die without repenting but people cannot say that they were not warned and now the warnings have stopped because people have not repented
            or given heed to the warnings so the Lord said it is time to act. They have become complacent and believe nothing will happen as these warnings and prophecies have been said for years and nothing has happened but because they have been lulled to sleep and deceived by the enemy and tragedy will soon be there destiny unfortunately

          2. Thanks so much and LOOOOOVE to you Linda. I need to listen to this and get back to fighting. I feel like I’ve been sinking in the swamp of despair and muck… especially today. 🙁

            1. I get that way sometimes too, BB . . . Especially knowing how many souls are heading into hell each day, BUT . . . The majority of professing (lukewarm) Christians want more time. Really? More time for more souls to head into hell and many are sitting in “church” each Sunday. . . .but that’s also a sign of the spiritual coma that requires the Judgements of the Heavenly Father to blast people awake. Sadly . . .it will be too late for some.
              BUT, here’s the amazing good news to also look forward to:
              There is a coming anointing to pray for and see dead raised back to life. We will literally be snatching souls from death and hell. Satan is luring Christians off the path of righteousness, to doom them to hell . . . We will be granted the anointing to pray some back to life. SO . . . Remember the Heavenly Father is in control, even when things seem out of control.
              Please look at this post to help encourage you. It’s from a dream I was given in 1997:

              12-22-15 – DREAM: A Season of Miracles in a Time of Misery | believeacts2’s Blog

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