1. I think that you are hearing what i am hearing.
    Things are about to get nasty.
    I feel in my spirit time is up.
    I am waiting for the big bang to start at any moments, what ever it is that we are waiting for.
    We are the last generation we are chosen to be in this day and time , so feel honoured but stay humble .
    Cleaning up your house your self spiriualy is very very important.
    Our garments must be clean so ask God if there is anything between you and Him that is not right, then cleanup that part.
    Be Holy for I AM holy.
    God bless

    1. I believe so also Geert and even though i reside in Canada once it all starts i wont matter where you live and i like you am just waiting and watching to when this kick off event will start things and trying to stay humble before The Lord as once it starts we will have to be closer to God than we ever were because just Like Jesus said without me you can do nothing and i humbly acknowledge this and my need for God. I know these things must take place as The Lord has tired of giving warning after warning and keeps falling on deaf ears but also action speaks louder than words and unfortunately this is what it takes to wake some people up and i pray that many will be saved through this time as so many in my family have no idea what is going on but they soon will and i pray that the words that i spoke with them about there is only one God and that is Jesus Christ will come back to them in this time and they will realize their need for Him and repent.

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