Forsake your Religion and seek Me while I may be Found! – Cheryl Adama



I Am infinite.  The Human in his flesh is finite.  Except for the soul, which will live forever; to eternal torment or eternal life.   Man cannot live according to their flesh and expect to live eternally with Me.  I do not abide in the flesh of man.

I am found in Spirit, and can only relate to Man in Spirit.  The religion of today is largely religion for the flesh.  I am not found in this religion.  I do not come down to this place to ‘fill it.’ For all the places I come to fill, must be empty and ready for Me.  I do not come without the permission of the soul who would have Me.  Not many are willing to empty themselves, of themselves – so they may accommodate Me.  They instead make up their own accommodation rules for Me.  They believe that I am within them – when I am not!  I will not ever do such a thing!  What they are deceived by is that another spirit comes in.  It can be of their own imagination or it can be demonic.  Either way, they live their religion without Me and with and for another.  People, do you not realize that the enemy does this?  That he will serve you, IN your flesh.  I will serve no one in their flesh and its lusts.  Too many do not take to their hearts the truth in the word I speak reveals.  They have justified the way they live, and do not hear Me in the word I speak, the word is veiled to their blinded eyes.  They are right in their own eyes.  All must be born of My Spirit, baptized in the Holy Spirit and then they can live in the life I have provided all to live, as new creations.  The power of sin no longer rules over My children.  My power is what runs through their veins, and they desire to yield to Me continually.  My sheep hear Me and desire to follow Me.  If anyone calls themselves believers in Christ and do not desire to do what My commandments say – or who do not live openly and honestly before Me in humbleness of heart – these are not Mine.  Be not deceived, if this is you.  Seek Me while I may be found.  Desire to be born of the Spirit into new life, and forsake your life of religious deception.  Seek to find Me, and to be found by Me – seek a LIVING God, who desires to LIVE IN YOU.   Be warned O People, for I am speaking to those who believe they are saved – and they are not!   Carefully consider what I say for it may be YOU who I am sending this message to hear!



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