One thought on “GENUINE SPIRITUALITY parts 1-3 – Eric Gilmour”

  1. I have been reading red letter KJV bible for my studies and quiet time here lately. I started in Matthew and am in Luke right now. I wanted to renew my mind with Christ when he walked this earth. I wanted to remember what He said and who He talked to. I am enjoying this reading time and doing some crying along the way, hearing Him speak!! His words are resounding within me as I go along with Him, I listen to Him as if he is in the room. It has been wonderful to say the least. Very personal, Jesus Christ is such a loving Son of God, and He came to save us and help us everyday, His words are bringing new life to me at this time. He is truly the lover of our souls and we are His children. Reading the Bible is the most beautiful time we can spend with Jesus. Take it slow and enjoy the journey I know I am..

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